Seven Squares: the first leisure complex in Paris intramuros

Seven Squares: the first leisure complex in Paris intramuros

Here’s a new interview with John Menet, director of Seven Squares, to explore the ambitions behind the scenes of this new Parisian leisure complex. Located in the vibrant 19th arrondissement of Paris at Boom Boom Villette, Seven Squares stands out as a bold and innovative urban leisure project, offering a diverse range of activities including a playground and trampoline park made by Play In Business.

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Can you introduce yourself and your role at Seven Squares?


John Menet: I am John Menet, the director of Seven Squares in Paris, and I also manage the Tortuga Island park in Lille. Since July 2022, I have been collaborating with Garcin Loisirs group. My fifteen years of experience in the restaurant industry taught me a lot about business and management. Being independent has allowed me to master all the administrative and managerial facets necessary to run such an establishment!

Can you tell us about the Seven Squares project by Play in Business?

John Menet: Seven Squares is located at the City of Science and Industry, in the 19th district of Paris. It’s a 6000 square meter space dedicated to leisure, including an indoor playground  and a trampoline park made by Play In Business, bowling, a dining area, laser tag, virtual golf, and virtual reality.

How does Seven Squares stand out from other leisure parks?

John Menet: Seven Squares is unique, offering a range of multi-generational activities: from 0 to 77 years old, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s for family outings, corporate events, bachelor parties, or just for fun, everyone finds something they enjoy. Its location in the heart of Paris is also a major asset, as there is no similar offer in the capital.

Why did you choose the location of Boom Boom Villette for Seven Squares? What are the advantages of this location?

John Menet: Boom Boom Villette (formerly Vill Up), a vast and diverse site with lots of activities, was a natural choice for us, and the Paris city council plans to transform this place into a major convergence point for dining and leisure activities. With the presence of the game space and freefall, the goal is to make Boom Boom Villette the place to visit in Paris. As the director of Seven Squares and with my team, we aim to become the French leader in this field.

What safety measures has Play In Business integrated into the construction of Seven Squares?

John Menet: Safety is an absolute priority for us. The standards for trampoline parks are constantly evolving, and we ensure that our facilities are always at the forefront of safety. In close collaboration with Play In Business, we make sure that the park is as safe as possible for our customers.

What are the key strategies or campaigns you have planned to make Seven Squares known before and after its opening?

John Menet: We are heavily relying on social media, an essential communication channel today. Additionally, we are collaborating with a communication agency for reports and interviews with the press agency to maximize our visibility.

What are the long-term goals for Seven Squares once it is open?

John Menet: Our main goal is to position ourselves as a national leader in the field of multi-activity and multi-service leisure.

Are there any particular expansions or innovations you are considering?

John Menet: For now, our priority is to energize the area and achieve our initial objectives. Innovations might come later, but currently, with the diversity of activities already present, we are not actively seeking to innovate.

What message do you want to convey to future visitors of Seven Squares?

John Menet: Come, try, and have fun. We promise you enjoyable moments with family, friends, or colleagues!


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