Play In Business: your best indoor play center manufacturer

indoor play center manufacturer

Play In Business: your best indoor play center manufacturer

Welcome to Play In Business, your trusted partner for 27 years in creating indoor play center. As a manufacturer of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks, we pride ourselves on our expertise in building unique venues that captivate all ages!

In this article, dive into our world and understand why we are the reference as an indoor leisure manufacturer. Play In Business does more than just install equipment, we craft unforgettable experiences.

Ready to embark on a journey with us? Discover why Play In Business is more than just an indoor leisure park manufacturer. Welcome to our world where each project becomes a unique adventure.

Our exceptional value for money

As a manufacturer of leisure activities, excellence is our main goal. From the design process to the final realization, we are committed to maintaining an exceptional level of quality at all stages. This excellence is not limited to our equipment, but also extends to our relationship with our clients.

Our highly responsive team strives to make each interaction smooth and transparent. We believe that the quality of communication is as important as the material quality of our equipment. When you choose Play In Business, you are choosing not only top-notch installations but also a meaningful human collaboration.

Our commitment to competitive quality-price ratio also sets us apart from our competitors. Our satisfied customers attest to the durability of their investment, with leisure parks that bear witness to the quality of our work. The trampoline canvases retain their dynamism, and the indoor equipment withstands the test of time. Explore the authentic testimonials of our clients on our website to discover how we exceeded their expectations.

A variety of thematic choices for a unique experience

At Play In Business, we understand that each leisure park must be unique. That’s why we offer a variety of thematic choices for your indoor playgrounds and trampolines parks. Do you want to dive into a savannah with lions, zebras, and giraffes? Or perhaps you prefer a futuristic adventure in a modern city populated by little explorers? We have all imaginable options to customize your trampoline park and indoor playground in your covered play area.

Deep customization is not limited to the general theme. We adapt each space to your specific needs, offering options for more interactivity, dedicated areas for toddlers, and even multi-activity trampoline parks with dodgeball, wipeout, ninja courses, and interactive games. Thematization and deep customization are not just options but elements that constantly enhance the customer experience, bringing a touch of novelty and personalization to each visit.

Our commitment to honesty and transparency

In the competitive sector of indoor play centers, transparency is not just a power, it’s a necessity. At Play In Business, we are convinced that trust and honesty form the basis of any business relationship. This conviction was particularly evident in one of our projects: Normandy Jump, two trampoline parks located in Caen and Le Havre.

From the outset, we adopted a policy of absolute transparency. This meant maintaining open and honest communication about all aspects of the project, including costs, materials used and timelines. This approach has allowed us to establish solid trust between us and Thomas Brout, ensuring that all parties were aligned on the objectives and expectations of the project.

In an interview, Thomas Brout shared his impressions of how our transparency positively influenced his trampoline park project. He emphasized that our clear and honest communication allowed him to understand each development stage, adjust his expectations accordingly, and feel confident throughout the project.

Moreover, our commitment to respecting commitments is an unshakeable value at Play In Business. We understand the crucial importance of meeting deadlines so that your indoor play park is ready to welcome visitors on the agreed date. Our team stands out for its ability to deliver projects within the allotted time, thus ensuring a smooth transition to the opening of your park. This guarantee of meeting deadlines is an integral part of our professional approach to providing our clients with a stress-free and well-orchestrated experience.

Case study: Trampoline Park – Normandy Jump


In our flagship case study, Thomas Brout, founder of Normandy Jump, illustrates our excellence in realizing trampoline parks in Caen and Le Havre. Having started in athletics, Thomas turned to creating trampoline parks, inspired by American models. Seduced by the transparency and responsiveness of Play In Business, as well as our ability to adapt to unique concepts, he chose to collaborate with us for his projects.




This collaboration gave birth to two innovative trampoline parks, enjoying high attendance, with about 500 visitors per week. Thomas highlights the transparency, honesty, and kindness of Play In Business, essential qualities that earned him a 9 out of 10 rating in terms of satisfaction and recommendation. Strengthened by this success, he is already considering opening a third park in Rouen, testifying to the lasting trust towards Play In Business and our ability to turn ambitious visions into prosperous realities.


Case study: Indoor Playground – Jungle Park


Rémi Toscano, director of Jungle Park in Lecci, shares his entrepreneurial journey from managing a laser game and bowling to creating an indoor play structure Jungle Park, in collaboration with Play In Business. Having identified a lack of indoor playgrounds in Corsica, Rémi chose Play In Business for their expertise, competitive costs, and customization capability.



Despite the logistical challenges of building in Corsica, Play In Business brilliantly managed the logistics. Rémi Toscano highlights the quality and diversity of choices offered by Play In Business, which have enabled the creation of a unique and attractive space. Promoted via social networks and word-of-mouth, Jungle Park has become a local success. Rémi envisions future collaborations with Play In Business and highly recommends their services for building indoor playgrounds, even beyond French borders, highlighting their ability to turn visions into prosperous realities. Check the interveiw here

Towards the future with Play In Business: realize your vision of a covered play space

By choosing Play In Business, you choose excellence at every step: from searching for an indoor play center manufacturer to building your leisure park. Our competitive quality-price ratio, our variety of thematic choices, and our commitment to transparency make us the ideal partner as an indoor playground manufacturer to create exceptional leisure parks.

At Play In Business, every project is treated with dedication and expertise. We believe that excellence is an ongoing process, where every detail counts and contributes to the creation of leisure parks that stand out.

Enter the world of the extraordinary by working with Play In Business. Contact us today to discuss the realization of your vision for indoor plays parks.

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