Play In Business also offers training to always be on top !

If you’ve never managed an indoor theme park, it’s normal not to know where to start. We offer training from more than 17 years of experience so that you can become experts in operating parks !

Let all your questions run free and come find the answers through training. It is important to master the field of indoor leisure to be sure to use your park well.

Flows management, the number of employees required for supervision, safety of leisure parks, opening days and hours… So many points that i twill be essential to address.

Creating an indoor park

Do you have questions ? Play In Business is there to answer it. Location, operating area, reception capacity, layout, decoration, management IT, prices, conditions for applying the new 7% VAT, organization of birthdays, daycare, team management, employment contracts, collective agreements, safety requirements for playgrounds, regulations in force, game maintenance, budgetization, turnover calculation and distribution, estimating costs, threshold point, establishment of the balance sheet and cash flow plan forecasts… The training covers all stages of the project.

Safety and playgrounds in France

French playgrounds are strictly regulated by two decrees and European norms and standards. Our team participated in the development of those norms. Thus they are fully qualified to train you in securing your children’s play area. Certification of games, realization of maintenance plan, maintenance management, operator responsability…

This training will help you become a safety expert.

Birthday school

Birthdays are an essential event in the life of a child and can bring considerable turnover for a leisure park.

Create the atmosphere, decorate the room, welcome and communicate with children, manage relationships with parents, know how to choose suitable games, entertain while keeping a smile, reactivity in case of incident, create real added value, stand out from the competition, learn balloon sculpture, perform magic tricks… our comprehensive training program allows you to celebrate unique birthdays.

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