Play In Business: from indoor playgounds to trampoline parks

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Play In Business: from indoor playgounds to trampoline parks

A beautiful story in the construction of indoor playgrounds

With 27 years of team experience, Play In Business stands as an undisputed leader in the design and creation of indoor play centres. Founded by Bertrand Coulomb, the company has experienced remarkable growth in recent years.

It has become an essential reference in creating indoor play areas and trampoline parks. This specialization emerged naturally, driven by Bertrand Coulomb’s passion and expertise, whose enthusiasm for this sector has been the driving force of the company. Under his leadership, Play In Business has not only witnessed the evolution of the market for indoor play areas and trampoline parks but has also been a key player in this transformation.

Let’s discover together the captivating story of Play In Business, a saga that positioned it as a major pillar in the leisure complex design industry.

The beginnings in indoor playgrounds

Since 1995, Bertrand Coulomb has been selling and installing leisure equipment. He has also been operating his own indoor playground since 2003. His experience and skills in both equipment and operations have laid the foundation for Play In Business to offer complete client support, a principle that would become the cornerstone of future success.

With the aim of positioning itself in international markets, Play In Business is based in Luxembourg. After a few years of working as a European manufacturer’s agent, Play In Business became a manufacturer of its structures. This transition marked a key phase in the company’s history, symbolizing a growing desire for independence and the ability to manufacture innovative equipment better suited to customer demands.

Play In Business’s story is characterized by bold projects and ambitious challenges. For instance, the company transformed the Super Besse ski resort’s ice rink into an indoor leisure park. With its bowling alleys, play area, indoor track, and climbing walls, the Les Hermines leisure complex has been offering activities for the whole family since 2015. Its success has led to an expansion project.

Significant growth in indoor playgrounds

Over the years, Play In Business has seen sustained growth and strategic expansions. It gradually extended its reach abroad, creating the first Moroccan indoor playground in 2013. Le Monde de Yabi in Casablanca laid the foundations for international presence and a consulting business journey. Indeed, the investors of Le Monde de Yabi trusted Play In Business to assist them in developing their business plan, commercial strategy, and park designs.

Since then, Play In Business has expanded its influence in Morocco with other indoor play area projects in Fes, Agadir, Marrakech, as well as in Congo, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, and Reunion with the Happy Kids parks. Their footprint continues to grow successfully worldwide.

From 2016, trampoline parks emerged on the scene with the creation of Air Jump in Poitiers, the first trampoline park made by Play In Business, still operational today.

The evolution of trampoline parks has also seen the introduction of new activities such as cage ball, wipe out, half pipe, air bag, dodge ball, ninja courses, and an increasing variety of interactive activities like Valo Jump, Cardio Wall, Dodge Attack, and many others.

Expertise: adapting to the market

Beyond geographic expansion, Play In Business has distinguished itself by its ability to anticipate and adapt to market changes. Always present at professional trade shows like IAAPA, in constant contact with complementary equipment manufacturers, and establishing privileged links with leisure complex operators, the Play In Business team maintains a vital connection with all leisure industry players.

Play In Business excels in monitoring emerging trends, ensuring that each new offering is in perfect harmony with current market expectations. An example of this adaptability is Freedom Gaming, a revolutionary approach that merges technology with modular games, creating an immersive and interactive user experience. Players climb, jump, and run through indoor play area obstacles in a fun and frantic race to extinguish targets and score points for their team. This innovation gives indoor leisure parks a unique added value, transforming traditional leisure spaces into futuristic and captivating environments.

Our commitment to proactively responding to market demand and anticipating future trends positions us among the leaders in the leisure park industry. Our approach, centered on continuous innovation and adaptability, ensures the success of our clients’ indoor play areas, providing leisure solutions that captivate, engage, and inspire their visitors.

Consistent successes

As a proud leader in the leisure complex construction sector, Play In Business has secured its position by providing quality equipment with exemplary responsiveness. Our commitment to adapting to our clients’ needs and offering unmatched value for money has been the pillar of our progress. Our seriousness and professionalism are reflected in the loyalty of our clients, who maintain their trust in us for new leisure complex projects.

In a rapidly expanding sector, Play In Business stands out among serious and competent players. Our comprehensive approach, encompassing understanding demand, design, installation, and after-sales service, guarantees a flawless customer experience.

By staying at the forefront of the latest technological innovations and focusing on sustainability and safety, Play In Business continues to redefine industry standards, always placing user experience and customer satisfaction at the heart of its concerns, hence its constant success.

Safety and compliance

Safety in trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds has always been a major concern for Play In Business. This is why Bertrand Coulomb has been actively involved in creating and evolving international safety standards at AFNOR for over 20 years.

As the leisure park industry has made significant advancements over the years, Play In Business has evolved in parallel, integrating the latest safety innovations. Today, safety is not just an obligation but a central element of our reputation.

At Play In Business, we understand that parents’ and park operators’ peace of mind is essential. That’s why we adopt a proactive approach, ensuring that each trampoline park and indoor play area we design complies with the strictest safety standards. From using high-quality materials to implementing innovative designs that minimize accident risks, each trampoline park and indoor play area is designed to ensure both fun and safety.

This focus on safety, along with our passion for innovation, makes Play In Business a leader in creating indoor play centres where safety and fun go hand in hand.

And still a bright future ahead…

Thus, our story unfolds as a sincere testimony of our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. If you dream of bringing your vision of a leisure complex to life, join the Play In Business team. We are ready to realize your ideas and turn your project into reality. To start your adventure today, simply contact us here!

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