Indoor play centre communication: how to stand out ?

Indoor play centre communication: how to stand out ?

how to build an indoor play centreIn a world where communication is king in the sector of indoor play centres, and everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, is connected to a constant flow of information, standing out becomes a real challenge. In the competitive world of indoor play centres, an effective communication strategy does not just inform; it builds connections, engages, and transforms each interaction into an experience.

Why is this so crucial? Because a well-thought-out communication strategy can guide families to your indoor playground, not only encouraging them to visit but also to return time and again.

But how do you elevate your message above the ambient noise? How do you ensure your indoor playground resonates with those seeking exactly what you have to offer? The answer lies in this article!

We invite you to discover the secrets of captivating communication! In this article, we’ll explore communication strategies to attract attention, engage your audience, and turn every visit into an adventure.

Ensure your communication is at the heart of your strategy to offer memorable and enriching experiences, thus ensuring the success and satisfaction of your park’s visitors.

Understanding your indoor playground’s target audience

Opening an indoor playground -Segmenting the target audienceAudience Segmentation

In the world of indoor play centres, captivating your visitors starts with a nuanced understanding of your potential customers. Each target group – whether families seeking entertainment, school groups looking for an enriching educational outing, or businesses desiring original and stimulating team-building activities – has its own set of expectations and needs.

  • Families: These visitors not only want to entertain their children in a safe environment but also seek enriching experiences that strengthen family bonds. They value spaces offering both stimulating activities for children and comfort zones for adults.
  • Groups (daycare centers, summer camps, schools): Educators look for activities complementing their curricular or extracurricular programs with practical and interactive experiences. They favor indoor playgrounds offering educational workshops and learning pathways.
  • Businesses: In search of unique team-building outings, these groups value experiences that promote collaboration, communication, and leadership within their teams. Challenge activities, obstacle courses, and collective role-playing games are especially appreciated. Christmas parties can also be a time of great conviviality among all employees.

By adopting a segmented approach – dividing your target audience into distinct groups with specific needs and interests – you can refine your communication strategy to resonate perfectly with each target group. This enables a personalized and memorable visit experience, encouraging not only immediate satisfaction but also long-term loyalty to your leisure complex!

Different communication channels for your indoor playground

ndoor play area, how do we communicate?Social media usage

In the digital age, social media is the playground for modern adventurers. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter offer unique platforms to engage your audience creatively and interactively.

  • Facebook & Instagram: Ideal for sharing captivating images and immersive videos of your attractions. Use Instagram stories for real-time updates and behind-the-scenes looks at your indoor play centres. Organize contests where users can win free entries by tagging friends or sharing your post, increasing your visibility.
  • TikTok: Perfect for capturing the attention of a younger audience with viral challenges or dances related to your park. Short, engaging videos showcasing fun moments or visitors’ reactions can quickly go viral.
  • Twitter: Use this platform for quick updates, sharing blog posts, or engaging in conversations with your community. Event-specific hashtags can help track engagement and participate in broader discussions.

Consider the time needed to manage these networks. Focus on one social network if you don’t have a community manager in your team.

Email marketing for your indoor playground

how do you open an indoor play area and communicate?Email marketing remains a direct and personalized channel to reach your visitors, offering valuable content directly to their inbox.

  • Thematic newsletters: Create regular newsletters highlighting specific attractions, visitor testimonials, or tips for making the most of their visit. Segment your mailing list to personalize the content based on each group’s interests.
  • Exclusive offers: Send special deals, birthday discounts, or invitations to exclusive events to your newsletter subscribers. This reinforces their sense of belonging to an exclusive community.
  • Feedback and surveys: Use emails to solicit post-visit feedback from your indoor playground.  This shows you value your visitors’ opinions and helps you continually improve the experience offered.

Local partnerships

how do you open an indoor play area and communicate?Collaborating with local partners can not only extend your visibility but also anchor your park in the local community.

  • Local businesses: Establish partnerships with restaurants, bookstores, or toy stores for cross-promotions. For example, offer discounts at your venue for purchases made at these businesses, and vice versa.
  • Schools and associations: Offer group rates or special days for schools, daycare centers, summer camps, corporate committees, and other associations. Organizing educational events or thematic workshops can strengthen ties with the local educational sector.
  • Joint events: Co-organize events with other local entities to promote the community and increase visibility for all involved. This can include festivals, sports competitions, or craft markets.

Special events and promotions

Regular event calendar

how to open an indoor playgroundKeeping your indoor play centre innovative involves organizing a variety of thematic and festive events throughout the year. Here are some ideas to enrich your event calendar:

  • Themed nights: Plan monthly themed nights including costumes, games, and specific activities. For example, a superhero evening, a pirate night, or a medieval feast. These events not only attract families but can also become anticipated gatherings in your community.
  • Seasonal celebrations: Leverage seasonal changes to host special events in your leisure complex, like an Easter egg hunt in spring, a haunted maze for Halloween, or a magical Christmas village in winter. Each season offers a unique opportunity to transform your park and provide new and memorable experiences.
  • Educational days: Collaborate with local educators to create thematic days complementing school programs. Workshops on science, art, or history can make learning fun and interactive while attracting school groups during the week.

Special offers and loyalty programs

Indoor play centre: launch your customer loyalty programmeRetaining your visitors is crucial for the longevity of your indoor playground. Here’s how to reward their loyalty:

  • Loyalty card: Introduce a loyalty card that rewards visitors with exclusive benefits after a certain number of visits. For example, a free entry after ten visits, or discounts on birthday parties held at your park.
  • Birthday offers: Provide special packages for birthdays, including access to VIP areas, personalized gifts, or encounters with park mascots. These offers make birthday celebrations unforgettable and encourage repeat bookings.
  • Referral programs: Encourage your leisure complex visitors to become ambassadors for your park by offering rewards for each new customer they bring. For example, offer a discount or special gift for each referred family or friend.


Extra touches that make a difference for your indoor playground

Message uniformity

Ensure all your communication channels, both internal and external, convey a consistent and brand-aligned message. This uniformity strengthens your park’s recognition and visitors’ trust.

Staff training

Your staff is the face of your indoor play centre. Keep them informed about your communications and invest in their training to ensure they have excellent communication and customer service skills. Well-trained and enthusiastic employees are essential for providing a memorable experience to each visitor.

Be ready to adjust your strategy based on feedback, market trends, and new opportunities. This flexibility will allow you to stay relevant and continue captivating your audience.

From audience segmentation to loyalty programs, every step of your communication strategy paves the way to the success of your indoor playground. Communication is the key to guiding your indoor play centre towards engagement and recognition.

Considering creating an indoor play centre or already in development?


Leave nothing to chance for your success. Effective communication is crucial for attracting and retaining your audience, whether for your indoor play area or trampoline park.

Contact us now to discuss your project and discover how we can help you open your indoor play centre!

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