Play In Business 2023: a year full of projects!

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Play In Business 2023: a year full of projects!

And yes, this year has been full of projects for us!

Welcome to the fascinating universe of Play In Business, where our unwavering commitment to excellence materializes through the creation of exceptional multi-activity indoor play centres.

Let’s dive together into the highlights of 2023, a year where we, Play In Business continued to redefine the standards of fun with outstanding indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks, following the current trend:


Unprecedented expansion: new openings in France and Corsica

In France, our footprint expanded with the inauguration of several indoor play centres, each offering a unique experience.

  • Monkey in Laval by Jérome and Anthony Delbos: A multi-activity complex, housing a trampoline park and an indoor playground. The adventure begins at the entrance, promising a day filled with captivating activities.
  • Cap2fun in Sélestat by Stéphane and Delphine Forster: A trampoline park with an indoor playground themed around the forest, creating a magical world where toddlers and children aged 3 to 12 explore the enchanted forest!
  • Seven Squares in Boom Boom Villette Paris by Vincent Garcin: A trampoline park and an indoor playground, transporting visitors into the enchanting world of pirates. This is an immersive experience combining the joy of trampoline jumping with the thrilling adventure of a themed playground.
  • L’île de Tortuga in Vetraz by Vincent Garcin: We renew the trampolines, offering a refreshed and secure experience. Travel to L’île de Tortuga, where fun and safety go hand in hand.
  • Circus Kids in Nîmes Vauvert by Anaïs and Milan Rozel: An indoor playground themed around the circus, where children can develop physical skills while having fun in a colorful and stimulating environment.
  • Indoor Games in Loudéac by Jérôme Etienne: A space of 1000 m², housing a trampoline park with an airbag and basketball!
  • Savane Kids in Poilly-Lez-Gien by Jeremy Villette: An indoor playground inspired by the theme of savanna, creating an immersive atmosphere where children explore and have fun while developing social skills.
  • In Corsica, Jungle Park in Lecci by Rémi Toscano: offers a captivating jungle experience, with a special section for toddlers, ensuring every visit is an adventure suitable for all ages.

Some locations were strategically chosen, such as Poilly-Lez-Gien and Lecci, where the absence of other competitors generated exceptional demand.

Seven Squares in Paris, the first indoor park project within the city, promises to attract a huge public, marking a new era in the leisure industry.

Innovation at the cutting edge of technology

Our trampoline parks incorporate the interactive trends with Valo Jump and Cardio Wall, offering an unparalleled experience to our visitors. These two innovations have been integrated into almost all our parks in 2023!

  • Valo Jump: An immersive experience where participants jump on a trampoline facing a screen, becoming the main character in a captivating game. Each jump has direct consequences on the course of the game, creating an experience that blends virtual and physical reality.
  • Cardio Wall: An interactive wall combined with a trampoline area, creating an exciting challenge where coordination of jumps with the wall is essential to maximize points in one minute flat. It’s a perfect fusion of physical exercise, friendly competition, and technology.

Enhanced security and international standards

At Play In Business, 2023 is synonymous with maximum park security, representing a real turning point in our commitment to safety and international standards.

Play compliance has been redesigned with a proactive approach to ensure optimum supervision. Activities requiring supervision are now strategically grouped together, allowing more efficient management with a minimum number of supervisors.

Our strong commitment to safety goes well beyond expectations, with the rigorous adoption of the new international standard ISO 23659. This European standard, considered the benchmark for trampoline park design, specifies safety requirements for the design, construction, control and maintenance of trampoline parks.

The year 2023 was marked by a drastic reduction in the number of accidents, even with a significant increase in the number of people using trampoline parks. This outstanding performance is testament to our unwavering commitment to the safety of your visitors. As the industry leader, Play In Business has proven that it is possible to offer an exciting play experience while maintaining safety standards.

At Play In Business, no concessions are made when it comes to the safety of your visitors. The year 2023 will go down in history as the year we redefined safety standards, confirming our position as the undisputed leader in safety in the amusement park industry.

So, continued evolution and success!

As we recap our successes in 2023, we invite you to follow our evolution closely. 

At Play In Business, we don’t just create indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks, we create unique and safe experiences for our visitors of all ages.

Stay tuned for the extraordinary adventures we have in store for you. You can follow us on social medias too ! 

2023 is just a taste of what’s to come and we can’t wait to share every unforgettable moment with you.

Thank you for being part of our history, and happy 2024!

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