Normandy Jump trampoline parks : the adventure with Play In Business

Discover the two trampoline parks Normandy Jump

Normandy Jump trampoline parks : the adventure with Play In Business

Discover the inspiring story of Thomas Brout, founder of Normandy Jump: two trampoline parks in Caen and Le Havre, in collaboration with Play In Business.

From athletism to the creation of these unique leisure facilities, his atypical career is a source of inspiration. Additionally, in association with Play In Business, he has been able to turn unique ideas into reality, offering an exceptional customer experience. Immerse yourself in this captivating entrepreneurial adventure.

Hello Thomas, can you tell us about your career and what led you to create Normandy Jump in Caen and Le Havre?

Thomas Brout: Hello, my name is Thomas Brout and I’m the manager of Normandy Jump in Caen and Le Havre.

My career path have an atypical route. I didn’t go on to study after secondary school, but I’ve always had a passion for sport.

So I started out as a development and coaching agent in athletics associations, an experience that lasted 4 years!

Then I worked for La Poste for 4 years before deciding to set up my own business: Normandy Jump.

While initially focused on sports events, in particular urban sports like stilts, our vision expanded when we discovered the trampoline parks that were emerging in the United States. This aligned perfectly with our business. So, in 2018, we jumped into this adventure by opening the first trampoline park in Caen.

However, convincing banks was a very big challenge. We introduced a unique trampoline park model, emphasizing individualized experiences, which was unprecedented.

After just six months after the opening in Caen, we were already looking at the possibility of opening a second trampoline park in Le Havre ! It opened in January 2020 and was an immediate success. 

How did you discover Play In Business and how did their approach convince you to work with them to build your trampoline parks?

Thomas Brout: For our first project, we met a trampoline parks builder and visited the parks he had built, but we weren’t convinced.

Play In Business caught our attention. After visiting one of their achievements in Troyes, we were won over by their transparency.

They explained that problems can arise during the construction process, but what counts is follow-up and responsiveness.

This transparency created confidence in us, because they assume their responsibilities. What’s more, their competitive rates don’t sacrifice quality in any way.

Why did you specifically choose Caen and Le Havre as the locations for your trampoline parks? Were there any particular factors that influenced this decision?

Thomas Brout: In Caen, finding a suitable building for a trampoline park was a challenge because of the need for high ceilings (at least 6 metres).

During an urban stilt-walking event in Caen, we came across a building ideally located just off the motorway, surrounded by a bowling, shops and restaurants.

The opportunity convinced us straight away!

As for Le Havre, I had a colleague who owned a trampoline park in Honfleur. And to get there, you had to cross the “Pont de Normandie” (a bridge).

However, customers found it difficult to get there. The jump park was sometimes closed without notice, and the toll didn’t encourage (€10 for a return trip).

In the end, many preferred to go to Normandy Park in Caen. I was often encouraged to open a trampoline park in Le Havre. So we jumped at the chance! It turned out to be a big success.

How did Play In Business team integrate and execute your specific ideas for trampoline parks?

Thomas Brout: Our concept was different from the others, which didn’t necessarily fit in with Play in Business’s usual projects. On top of that, our ideas were very specific. So Play in Business had to adapt.

Bertrand and Aminata gave us excellent advice, helping us to make our project a reality and reassuring us about safety standards and the feasibility of the project.

In the end, Play In Business understood our requirements and was extremely receptive to our trampoline park model.

What communication channels do you use to promote your parks and reach your target audience?

Thomas Brout: We are very active on social medias such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

On top of that, in September we launched a loyalty programme.

And if we manage to keep our customers loyal, they’ll talk about us, which will encourage word-of-mouth.

From time to time, we also run advertising campaigns, whether in the form of gift vouchers or flyers, although this is quite exceptional and depends on the time of year.

Are you satisfied with the number of visitors to your parks? How do you rate the demand and enthusiasm of your target audience?

Thomas Brout: We’re totally satisfied. We really do deliver what the public is looking for: a place where it’s fun to play, with a friendly team and a personalised approach for each customer. 

We don’t have a lot of turnover, which means that our customers often find familiar faces at the reception desk.

Furthermore, we believe in the importance of a warm, personalised experience, with little touches. That’s why, for example, our water is free: these little touches make all the difference and foster a friendly atmosphere.

Can you give us an idea of the average number of customers you welcome each week at your trampoline parks in Caen and Le Havre?

Thomas Brout: We welcome around 500 people a week.

During the school year, this figure varies between 300 and 400 a week, while during the holidays it rises to around 1,500.

This shows that our packages are popular with the public. Although there is a distinction between school and holiday periods, weekends and Wednesdays are usuallay almost booked.

What are the most rewarding moments you’ve experienced in connection with the creation and management of Normandy Jump?

Thomas Brout: The inauguration of the first trampoline park was a memorable moment. It was something to be proud of after four years of work. What’s more, our families and friends were invited, so we were really proud.

There’s also the fact that we can welcome people with disabilities and see that they can also enjoy our park: that’s always gratifying.

Even though the Covid period was difficult, looking back, we’re proud to have overcome these challenges and to have managed to keep our trampoline parks open.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend Play In Business to other entrepreneurs looking to set up trampoline parks?

Thomas Brout: I’d say 9. Furthermore, Play In Business stands out for its transparency, friendliness and honesty.

These qualities are crucial to the long-term success of a business.

They don’t try to avoid problems, but to solve them. What’s more, they’ve reassured us about the safety of our trampoline parks, which is of paramount importance to us and our customers.

Can you give us an idea of the future projects you have in mind, whether in collaboration with Play In Business or in other areas?

Thomas Brout: We’re in the middle of negotiations with the owner of a building to open a third park in Rouen by 2024. 

At the same time, we are finalizing the design and models of this trampoline park with Play In Business.

The first two parks were built by Play In Business, so it goes without saying that we normally want to work together again on this third project.

In the great adventure of Normandy Jump, we, Play In Business, have been the key partner in turning unique ideas into reality and offering an exceptional customer experience. If you too aspire to create an unforgettable trampoline park, find out how we can help you succeed. Contact us today!

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