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Over the years, the ninja warrior has become an activity in its own right. Combining strength, speed, agility and flexibility, each course can be adapted to suit all players. It can be easily accessible or extremely competitive.

A ninja course is a series of obstacles designed to test participants’ agility, strength and coordination.

These courses, inspired by extreme sports competitions, are modular and customisable, allowing them to be adapted to all skill levels and park configurations. There is a ninja course for adults and a ninja course for children (ninja kid).


Why Play In Business for your Ninja Course equipment ?

Play In Business is a leading manufacturer of leisure equipment with over 25 years’ experience. Our expertise in ninja course equipment allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to suit every customer and every budget. We are proud of our reputation for reliability and quality.

Features to consider when designing a ninja warrior

Variety of obstacles 

We offer a wide range of obstacles to diversify ninja courses and keep users interested:

  • Inclined walls and ramps: Ideal for agility and speed challenges.
  • Nets, balls and trapezes: Perfect for testing coordination and dexterity.
  • Beams, rollers and swings: To develop balance and concentration.
  • Parallel bars, ropes and rings: Excellent for physical challenges.

Safety and compliance of your ninja course equipment

Safety is our top priority. Our ninja courses comply strictly with international safety standards, and are available with shock-absorbing mats, foam trays or airbags. They are made from robust, durable materials. Each obstacle is rigorously tested before installation to ensure a safe experience for all users.

Why choose a ninja course for your indoor play centre ?

Attracting families and children

Ninja courses appeal to a wide audience, from kids to teenagers and even adults. They offer a fun and stimulating activity that encourages physical exercise and the development of motor skills. Don’t hesitate to read our article here to know more.

Skills development

Ninja courses are not only fun, they also contribute to the physical and mental development of your customers. Participants improve their strength, agility, coordination and self-confidence by overcoming a variety of challenges.

Competitive differentiation

By integrating a ninja course into your indoor play centre, you set yourself apart from the competition by offering a unique and captivating attraction. This can attract more customers and increase the number of visitors to your indoor play centre: that’s creating customer loyalty !

All ninja course activities

Discover our different apparatus and build your own ninja course according to your criteria, desires and expectations. The apparatus are classified by category and can be customised.

Our services as a ninja course manufacturer

FAQ – On your ninja course equipment

Investing in a ninja course  equipment with Play In Business offers many advantages:

  • Attraction of a diverse clientele: Ninja courses attract not only children, but also teenagers and adults, broadening your potential visitor base.
  • Engagement and loyalty: These ninja courses offer a dynamic and stimulating activity that keeps visitors coming back, increasing customer loyalty.
  • Encouragement of physical exercise: Ninja courses encourage the development of motor skills and physical activity, an important selling point for health-conscious parents.
  • Unique, memorable experience: By offering a variety of challenging obstacles, ninja courses equipment create a unique experience that stands out from other attractions.
  • Additional revenue: Competitions, special events and birthday parties can be organized, generating additional revenue.

The ninja courses manufactured by Play In Business are designed to last for many years, thanks to the careful attention paid to every stage of ninja course design. As a ninja warrior supplier, we use only high-quality materials to guarantee durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Our expert ninja course manufacturing teams ensure that every structure is built to the highest standards of safety and reliability.

As a ninja warrior supplier, we offer a full range of customizations to meet the unique needs of each indoor play centre. Here are just a few of the options available:

  • Obstacle selection: we offer a variety of obstacles, such as inclined walls, suspended nets, monkey bridges, parallel bars, and much more. Each obstacle can be chosen and configured according to your preferences and the challenges you wish to offer.
  • Interchangeable obstacles: thanks to our safety carabiner attachments, you can easily change the layout of the obstacles, replacing them with easier or more difficult ones. This means you can create several different ninja courses equipments to suit your target audience, and create a lively atmosphere by offering challenges or competitions over a weekend, for example.
  • Customizable colors: colors play a crucial role in the visual appeal and identity of your Ninja Warrior course and your brand. We allow you to choose from a vast palette of colors for each obstacle and structural element, to match your overall theme or park graphics.
  • Themed climbing walls: Most of our activities can also be customized according to specific themes, patterns, logos and colors to offer an immersive experience. If you have a themed park, the ninja course equipment can be decorated to your specifications.
  1. Initial appointment: We start with a detailed discussion to understand your needs, expectations and budget for designing your ninja course.
  2. Custom design: Our team creates a customized ninja course equipment that perfectly matches your space and target audience.
  3. Fabrication: High-quality materials are used to build obstacles and structures.
  4. Installation: Our team of experts installs the ninja course on site, ensuring fast and safe set-up.

We comply with the strictest safety standards and use robust materials. Every obstacle is rigorously tested. As a ninja warrior supplier, safety is our top priority.

The costs associated with the installation of a ninja course by Play In Business can vary considerably depending on a number of factors. The size of the course, the complexity of the ninja course design, the materials used, as well as the specific features desired by the customer all influence the total cost.

  • Course size : Smaller ninja courses, suitable for limited spaces or smaller budgets, require less materials and installation time, which reduces costs.
    Larger ninja courses, with more numerous and varied elements, will require more intensive ninja course fabrication, thus increasing costs.
  • Design complexity: Simple ninja courses, with basic obstacles, are generally less costly to design and install. Complex ninja courses, including innovative and customized obstacles, require more elaborate ninja course design and a greater investment of time and resources.
  • Special features: Adding special features such as special lighting or customized themes can also influence the final budget.

Ninja courses are easy to check and maintain. If you have any questions, our maintenance team will answer them and help you maintain the highest level of safety and care.

Whatever the difficulty, timed ninja courses are very popular. They allow players to challenge each other and find out how they measure up against the others. As a manufacturer of ninja courses, we offer different versions, from the simple “ninja kids” to the most spectacular course with ramps 6 m high.

You can contact us directly via our website , by mail at or by phone on the +352 26 50 10 72. As a ninja warrior supplier, we’ll be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a customized quote for the design of your ninja course!

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