Indoor playground

At Play In Business we have the best possible job: imagining, designing, and building spectacular indoor playground equipment for children to enjoy. For toddlers (0-3 years) and older children and pre-teens (up to 12 years), playgrounds are where dreams come true. 

Commercial indoor playgrounds slowly became popular in the 1990s as a way for children to play in a safe and protected environment, while improving their dexterity and cognitive processes. Throughout the years, as more and more people turned to play centres for their leisure time, the industry has evolved rapidly, and we have been part of it for 25 years.

We have developed modular indoor playgrounds and many complementary activities that allow children to climb, jump, slide, crawl, discover… and let off steam in complete safety. Our soft play indoor playground equipment are especially popular and come in many sizes and shapes to fit your different business needs and venues. All offer hours of magic, fun and enjoyment for kids, and peace of mind for parents. Our modular commercial indoor playground equipment can be adapted to any building, from a few square metres to several thousand square metres of indoor playground area. They can fit smaller structures such as nurseries but also bigger projects. 

Don’t forget birthdays! An unforgettable day for a child and a fabulous business opportunity for a commercial indoor playground. We can help you create a fairy tale world for your customers with a wide range of indoor playground structures, from themed rooms to decorated furniture with bespoke eye-catching designs.

All are sure to make the eyes of children and their parents sparkle with joy and anticipation. 

Take a look at all our indoor playground activities

It is possible to integrate a multitude of activities into your commercial indoor playground business. As we are experts for all things play, we can advise on the best designs, sizes and shapes, and we will go that extra mile with you so as to make sure your little customers are thrilled to visit your venue. We manufacture and install safe and bespoke indoor playground equipment that will test efficiently their agility and motor skills, as well as dexterity and senses. Little ones will also be able to learn about many new colours and textures.  

Don’t wait! Discover our different modules. We have Punch bag parks and carting tracks for children full of energy, and mural panels for those who prefer cognitive games. All are safe and with non-violent content, enclosed in nettings and with paddings where necessary. They all encourage young children to enjoy adventures and a positive active lifestyle in a secure environment, which helps build their self-confidence. Our job really is the best job ever!

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