Indoor playground in Corsica: challenge of the year

indoor playground

Indoor playground in Corsica: challenge of the year

Discover one of our indoor playgrounds in Corsica!

Discover here the interview of Rémi Toscano, director of the Jungle Park in Lecci. From the start of his career to the choices that led him to create the Jungle Park, it was also thank you to the expertise of Play In Business that this project was successfully completed and this indoor playground opened its doors!

Here’s the inspiring story behind the creation of an exceptional leisure offer, even beyond France’s borders:

  • Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your career? 

Remi Toscano: Hello, I’m Remi Toscano, director and manager of the indoor playground Jungle Park in Lecci, Corsica.

My career began at the age of 18 in 2005 when I started running Corsica Game, a laser game. After several years experience, I broadened my offering by opening a 6-lane bowling alley next to the laser game, which I managed for many years.

In 2019, the bowling alley was moved to a new complex in Lecci, the Galaxy complex, which includes a 4-screen cinema, a games room and a restaurant. The bowling alley has been extended from 6 to 10 lanes, and the surface area of the laser game has also been increased.

As for the indoor play area, the idea had always been there, but with the circumstances surrounding Covid, I preferred to wait. This year, I finally decided to start work on the Jungle Park, and we’re now close to the opening.

  • Why did you choose Play In Business for this project?

Remi Toscano: With this project in mind, I started looking for the right manufacturer for indoor playgrounds. And in 2021, I met an indoor play centre operator from the north-east of France, near Luxembourg, where Play In Business is based. 

After fruitful discussions, he recommended Play In Business to me, pointing to the success of their own park built by this company. I then got in touch with Aminata, and the project was launched! 

  • Why an indoor play area rather than a trampoline park?

Remi Toscano: In and around Lecci in Corsica, there was no indoor play area. So I felt it was crucial to fill that gap. As for the trampoline park, although I was attracted by the idea, I preferred to start with a safer structure, as I was still sceptical about the risks associated with trampolines. However, I did include 4 small trampolines in our offer.

  • Was the logistical challenge of choosing Play In Business, based in Luxembourg, to build a playground in Corsica successfully met?

Remi Toscano: Yes, it was a big challenge, but Play In Business rose to it with flying colours. As well as managing the boat trip, they also took care of the container logistics, from China to Antwerp, from Antwerp to Marseille, then from Marseille to Corsica, with no problems. Their impeccable management was the key to this trip success.

  • How does Play In Business’ expertise stand out in this field?

Remi Toscano: Play In Business stands out for its competitive costs, the quality of its work and the customisation it offers. I was able to really personalise the structure of the Jungle Park as well as the decoration, which contributed greatly to my appreciation. The wide range of choices meant that I could customise everything, and the result was superb, fully meeting my criteria!

  • What means of communication did you use for the opening?

Remi Toscano: We used several means of communication, particularly on social medias, on Instagram, where we already have almost 900 followers. At the complex level, thank you to the cinema, we print paper programmes every week, an opportunity we seized to promote the Jungle Park. Word of mouth has also worked well in this small region of 40,000 inhabitants.

  • Do you plan to work with Play In Business again on other projects?

Remi Toscano: Absolutely, I’m very satisfied with the work we’ve done, and there’s even an outdoor area where we could consider some developments.

  • What would you say to companies considering working with Play In Business to build indoor play areas, even outside France?

Remi Toscano: With Play In Business, everything went really well despite the size of the project. I think it’s well worth the effort, especially in places where the offer of indoor playgrounds is not yet developed. This positions us as number 1 in the market, with a monopoly. The products are interesting to develop and offer an attractive proposition. It all depends on where you set up, and from a logistical point of view, it’s an experiment worth replicating, even beyond France’s borders!

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