Meet the passionate team behind Play In Business

Meet the passionate team behind Play In Business

As we embark on a new year with plenty of projects, we are really happy to introduce you to the leaders of our company, Play In Business. In this year 2024, the company is stronger than ever, ready to make your dream of building your indoor play centre a reality.

In this article, dive into the heart of Play In Business and discover the faces behind the magic of leisure complexes. Meet Aminata Ndao, the energetic and passionate associate, and Bertrand Coulomb, the technical expert and visionary. Together, they embody the expertise, the innovation, and the dedication that define Play In Business.

2024 promises to be a year of challenges for our team, and we are eager to share this adventure with you.

Here is a portrait of our two Play In Business partners:

Aminata Ndao: the passionnante sales professionnal


After earning her advanced technician’s certificate degree as an executive assistant, Aminata Ndao never imagined a career in the leisure world, let alone becoming the co-manager of a Luxembourg company!

Initially, she was a secretary in a surface treatment company. Everything changed the day she spotted an ad for a company in the leisure parks industry: Ludo et Cie was looking for an executive assistant alongside Bertrand Coulomb, and she decided to take the plunge. She later became a sales representative, then a sales director, first at Ludo et Cie, and then at the headquarters of the parent company Play In Business, where she became an associate.

Her charisma, interpersonal skills, and involvement in the company have been key in forging her place at Play In Business.

After several market studies and technical analyses, the two associates boldly decided to become manufacturers: Play In Business is today a recognized brand.

Driven by a desire to succeed, Aminata places particular importance on customer satisfaction and the impeccable realization of indoor play centres from A to Z. Her key words are responsiveness and customer satisfaction; she finds genuine happiness in the smile and satisfaction of a happy client. Additionally, seeing the building transformed and ready to welcome visitors a few months after the start of the project also makes her very proud!

To her, the essential values of Play In Business are availability, transparency, and responsiveness, elements that make all the difference. In case of any problems, Play In Business is always there to ensure quality service, including after-sales service.

For Aminata, the major goals for 2024 are to expand the influence of Play In Business internationally, particularly in Africa, especially in Senegal, her country of origin which is very important to her. She also aspires to conquer new countries outside of Europe and Africa. Always in search of innovation, she wishes to discover new products and launch new projects to continue to surprise and satisfy Play In Business’s clientele.

Bertrand Coulomb: the pioneer turned expert

Since his studies in tourism and marketing, Bertrand Coulomb has always shown a boundless passion for the world of amusement parks. Passionate about the world of childhood and considering himself a big kid, he sought to marry this passion with his work. His journey truly began at the Big Bang Schtroumpf park (now Walygator), where he was working in the sales for two years.

His path then led him to Métamorphoses, where he advised creators of amusement parks for several years. The real impetus for his career came during his travels and participation in the IAAPA fair in 1994. It was then that the idea to create his first park germinated. It took him almost 10 years to open La Jungle de Doupi in 2003, the first indoor themed park in France. This park, focused on the jungle theme with an emphasis on nature and ecology, continues to be successful in 2023 (with other operators under the name of Pass-Partoo).

Bertrand Coulomb has never stopped selling play equipment since 1995, when he installed his first outdoor playground. Over time, he expanded his activities, selling indoor play areas with various suppliers. In 2013, the Play In Business adventure began in Luxembourg, with a diversified offering including trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds to offer complete leisure parks.

Today, Bertrand offers a very comprehensive range of services, from advising project bearers, including training aimed at best guiding future leisure park operators. From the design of the park to the opening of the leisure center, he offers complete support covering aspects such as the business plan, equipment choice, layout, staff training, and much more.

Over the years, he has developed sharp technical skills, particularly in layout, collaborating with architects and construction companies to find solutions adapted to building constraints. An expert in safety, Bertrand has been working with AFNOR for over 20 years, participating in the development of standards in leisure parks and actively contributing to the evolution of regulations on leisure equipment.

Always on the lookout for the latest trends, Bertrand actively participates in fairs and maintains privileged links with all players in the leisure industry. As an operator and manufacturer, he has dual expertise, allowing him to react agilely to market changes. His constant goal is to improve the experience of children in indoor playgrounds, introducing interactive activities such as electronic courses, speed and agility games.

For trampoline parks, interactivity is also a marked trend, with innovative projects such as the Freedom Gaming game, where participants have to extinguish as many targets as possible as quickly as they can. Bertrand collaborates with European market leaders such as Rugged Interactive, Valo Motion, and Kylii Kids to develop interactive games. He also strives to push theming, integrating role-playing games into children’s play areas, thus offering a unique immersive experience.

Are you ready to join Play In Business ? 

If you are a passionate project bearer, dreaming of bringing an indoor amusement park to life, Play In Business is your ideal partner. Our team, embodied by the dynamic fusion of Aminata Ndao and Bertrand Coulomb, offers a unique and complementary expertise to realize your dreams.

Aminata, with her experience and professional vision, is there to understand and advance your project. She will accompany you confidently from the initial conception to the concrete realization of your leisure park.

On the other hand, Bertrand will draw on his skills and technical expertise in fittings, compliance with standards, and mastery of the latest trends to ensure that your project combines safety and innovation, meeting your expectations and those of your customers.

We understand that each project is unique, and that’s precisely why our personalized approach, combined with our speed, responsiveness, and adaptability, makes us the perfect choice to accompany you from A to Z in realizing your indoor amusement park.

Your dream is our mission. Contact us today and discover how Play In Business can turn your ideas into a captivating and tailor-made reality. Your adventure in the world of amusement parks starts here, with us.

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