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At Play in Business, We provides businesses in many different sectors, and our wide selection of playground products and services will surely fit any play area project. 

We have been indoor playground manufacturers for 25 years, and we now offer a really broad range of indoor playground equipment accessible to all age groups. Our extensive experience enables us to provide you with real know-how to develop your indoor play area activities. Whether you need a one-stop solution with bespoke designs or just an equipment upgrade for an existing facility, we have you covered: trampolines, ninja warrior courses, climbing walls, interactive games… so many activities for which we have a genuine passion and are eager to share with you. 

Our indoor play centre solutions

Setting up and operating an indoor play centre might seem easy at first glance, but at Play in Business we know better. It is never easy, and we are here to support your business ambitions. An indoor play centre has to have all the variety of a real amusement park and must meet all the stringent safety requirements in the industry. We work with investors through all the important stages of a project: from design and manufacturing to setting up and maintenance. 


Combining several activities for different age levels in one facility has become very popular as it provides a fun destination for the whole family. While family Indoor play centres require a greater amount of upfront spending, they also offer a greater return on investment. As leading indoor play equipment supplier, we can help you develop such a project. 

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