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With 25 years experience, our team is an indoor leisure parks expert. Indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks, our know-how is at your disposal.

Play In Business offers « ready to go » solutions. We design, build, deliver and install your structure. We also handle after sales services to make things easy and maintain close relationships.

We follow European norms very strictly and participate in the french association for standardizations (the AFNOR), in order to keep you safe.

Over 25 years

of experience in manufacturing leisure equipments.

100% of our designs

are custom-made according to your budget.

Our drawings in 3D

from the first proposals. Being clear and precise is essential in our business.


Our expertise in manufacturing but also in the operation and safety of leisure equipment.


Our responsiveness : because you need quick answers, both in setting up the project and in after-sales.

3D designs

Our drawings in 3D from the first proposals. Being clear and precise is essential in our business.

Quality and price ratio

Our amazing value for money. Try us, visit our parks, ask our customers !

What Play In Business Founder has to say

The leisure industry is constantly evolving in an increasingly competitive environment. Adapting his offer, maintaining a high level of security and seeking innovations are the key missions of a modern manager with a specific objective : creating positive emotions in order to make each customer joining his brand.
With this mindset, Play In Business organized itself to better support today entrepreneurs and the future ones.
With more than 25 years experience, our team managed to adapate any way of life and practice in the entertainment industry.

Ainsi, il ne faut plus seulement que le produit soit bon, mais aussi que la perception qu’en a le client soit excellente. Cette dimension affective (l’accueil, les explications, la valorisation, l’esprit de communauté…) est essentielle pour que l’expérience du client soit parfaitement positive. Un client pleinement satisfait partagera son ressenti sur les réseaux sociaux et autres sites internet, et influencera positivement la notoriété et la popularité de ladite activité.

Since the opening of the first entertainment indoor destinations, consumer expectations have been modified by reduction of working hours, access to the information thanks to the Internet and a multiple and plurial offer with loads of activities. Indoor playgrounds, lasergame, bowling, cinema, karting, indoor soccer, trampoline parks, roller skates, climbing walls, escape games, virtual reality, ax throwing… Consumers requests are various and their demands are more and more important.
So, not only the product needs to be good but it also needs to be perceived as excellent by the client. This affective aspect (a warm welcome, explanations, valorization, team spirit…) is essential for the customer experience to be positive. A fully satisfied client will share his feelings on social media and other websites, and will positively influence the fame and popularity of that activity.
That’s why, we focus on the effects it can have on each user. The choice of the activity, integrating it in a building, its visibility, player datas, the training of supervisors and/or the team, flow management are areas where we put all our experience and know-how.
And to better help with your project, training modules suggested by Play In are open for any owner and team member that would like to make their customer get the best experience ever.
Wining each client’s smile is our ultimate goal, contact us to know more about our solutions.

Our clients talk about us

Our indoor leisure parks

From outside, opening an indoor leisure park seems easy. Wrong ! An indoor leisure activity has to be designed like a real amusement park, and has to meet several requirements. Play In Business share its knowledge which investors from the parc design stage.


Various activities under the same roof means happiness for the whole family. If indoor leisure complex represents a more important investment, the return on investment is even better.