Opening your trampoline park: a dream come true

Ouvrir un parc de trampolines

Opening your trampoline park: a dream come true

The family entertainment industry offers golden opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to invest in a sector that is both fun and profitable. Among leisure activities, a trampoline park stands out as a truly attractive option, combining high profitability potential with growing popularity among families, groups of friends, and businesses.

In this article, we will explore the multiple benefits of investing in a trampoline park: from the ability to attract a broad audience to the diversity of activities offered, through to large hosting capacity and numerous opportunities to generate additional revenue!

Attract a broad audience with your trampoline park

Investing in a trampoline park means creating a space that attracts a diverse clientele. It’s not just a place for fun with friends, but an entertaining environment suitable for all types of visitors:

Families: Trampoline parks are designed to provide a safe and engaging space where families can spend quality time together. These venues combine fun and physical activity, ideal for strengthening family bonds and creating lasting memories.

Groups of friends: For teenagers and adults, the trampoline park is the perfect setting to let off steam, take on challenges, and share moments of camaraderie. It’s the perfect place to combine sport and entertainment in an energetic and fun atmosphere.

Comment ouvrir un trampoline park ?Team buildings: Businesses benefit from a unique environment to energize their teams. The activities promote communication and team spirit, offering a different alternative to traditional professional environments.

Event organizers: With its flexibility and dynamism, the trampoline park turns ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. It ada

pts to any type of celebration, providing a memorable and fun setting.

School groups: Educational institutions find these parks a partner in the physical development and well-being of students, combining sport and fun in a controlled and safe space!

A trampoline park holds a large hosting capacity

The major appeal of a trampoline park lies in its ability to host a large number of visitors, offering many advantages for you:

Comment ouvrir un trampoline park ?High revenue generation: The ability to accommodate many visitors simultaneously is synonymous with significant potential revenues. A larger space allows for frequent and varied sessions, thus increasing turnover. For example, a 1000 m² trampoline park can accommodate 100 people per day. With an average rate of 15 € per visitor, this represents 1500 € per day, equivalent to 500,000 € per year.

Diversification of customer groups: A large trampoline park can attract and accommodate a variety of target groups, from families to schools, to businesses for team building events. This allows for diversification of the customer base and reduction of business risks.

Event hosting: A large hosting capacity offers the flexibility needed to organize major events, such as sports tournaments or competitions, which can attract sponsors and media, thereby increasing the visibility of the park.

Comment ouvrir un trampoline park ?Improved customer experience: A larger space allows for better management of play and rest areas, ensuring that visitors fully enjoy their experience without feeling cramped.

Improve customer’s experience: By offering a wider range of activities in a larger space, customers have reasons to return regularly, improving the loyalty and long-term value of each visitor.

Optimal operation during peak times: With a large hosting capacity, the trampoline park can effectively manage peak times, such as weekends, school holidays, and public holidays, maximizing revenue opportunities during these periods.

Diverse activities in your trampoline park

Your trampoline park isn’t just about high-flying jumps; it’s a complete world offering diverse and fun experiences for all ages and fitness levels. Here are some of the key activities we offer:

Ninja Warrior: Inspired by military obstacle courses, our ninja course is designed for everyone. With obstacles adjustable in difficulty, it can cater to all levels, from children to adults looking to challenge themselves. Participants can compete against the clock, adding a competitive dimension to the fun.

Dodge Ball: Turn your childhood memories of dodgeball into a fast-paced activity with trampolines. The addition of trampolines makes the game even more dynamic and fun, offering both a nostalgic and innovative experience.

The Reaper (Wipe Out): This activity challenges players to dodge rotating obstacles at various speeds. Ideal for showcasing, it draws attention and encourages everyone to give it a try.

Air Bag: As a complement or alternative to the traditional foam pit, the air bag allows for soft landings after acrobatic jumps. This giant cushion promises laughter and safety for budding acrobats.

Dunk Zone: Harness the power of trampolines to reinvent basketball. The dunk zone allows you to soar higher and dunk with ease, adding a new dimension to this classic sport.

Battle Beam: A test of strength and balance where participants, armed with foam sticks, compete to knock each other into a foam pit. A playful combat that stimulates competitiveness and fun.

Cage Ball: This activity combines basketball and trampolines in an enclosed space, where players must score baskets while bouncing on trampoline mats. It’s a test of both agility and accuracy in a very fun setting.

Generate additional revenue with your trampoline park

The main attraction of a trampoline park lies in its entertainment potential, but it also offers several opportunities to generate additional revenue. Here’s how to maximize the commercial potential of your trampoline park:

Classes and workshops: Offer a range of classes and workshops to suit all ages and levels. From trampoline fitness that combines fun and physical training like Normandy Jump, to acrobatics classes for those who want to learn new tricks in complete safety. These sessions can be an excellent way of attracting regular visitors and generating steady income.

Space rental: Your trampoline park can become the ideal venue for various events. Whether it’s for parties, birthdays, team buildings, or any other type of celebration, offering space rental guarantees an additional source of income while increasing your park’s visibility.

Merchandise sales: Create and sell personalized items like t-shirts, caps, or bags. Also, offer sports gear such as special trampoline anti-slip socks, thus increasing purchases and customer loyalty.

Expanded catering: Incorporate a dining area offering a variety of culinary options, from quick snacks to full meals, tailored to everyone’s tastes. Add a bar to attract adults, providing drinks and a relaxing spot, which can increase the duration of visits and spending per visitor.

Loyalty programs and memberships: Implement loyalty programs that reward repeat visits, and memberships that offer unlimited access or exclusive benefits. These systems encourage regular visits and strengthen customer loyalty, ensuring recurring revenue.

Partnerships and sponsorships: Establish collaborations with schools, sports clubs, and local businesses for special offers, private events, or dedicated days. These partnerships can not only increase revenue but also enhance your park’s reputation and community presence.

Realize your vision with your trampoline park

The journey to turn your dream into reality is full of exciting opportunities and challenges, and you are not alone! Play In Business is here to support you at every step, with tailor-made solutions that meet your unique needs and ensure the success of your project.

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