Create a Ninja Warrior Course: advice from your manufacturer

ninja warrior course

Create a Ninja Warrior Course: advice from your manufacturer

Ninja Warrior Course: a max of fun for your indoor playground

If you’re tempted to open an indoor play area or if you want to add to the range of games in your indoor play park, think about the Ninja Warrior course!

With 25 years of experience, Play In Business has written this article to help you understand the public’s enthusiasm for the Ninja Warrior Course. You will also see why it’s so important for you to create one in complete safety.

Create a Ninja Warrior course to meet growing demand

A real assault course, the Ninja Warrior course offers obstacles that are both challenging and fun, sporting and entertaining for all ages. That’s why it’s so popular!

Who hasn’t heard of the famous TV shows Koh Lanta and Ninja Warrior?

Obstacle courses that put competitors to the test and fascinating adults and children !

They like it because it’s not enough to be strong to become a hero, you also have to show skill, flexibility, balance, dexterity and reflection. So anyone can win!

To build customer loyalty, a good ninja course is designed to evolve. It’s accessible to everyone and is a treat for the most athletic. It’s ideal for fun competitions with family, friends or yourself! 

That’s why Play In Business offers modular Ninja Courses with simple fixings, so you can develop the circuit and adapt it to suit everyone.

The elements can be chosen according to the age of the users, and can be modulated to graduate the level of difficulty. So, you can vary the pleasures by regularly renewing the circuit.

Trapezes, ropes, balance beams and zip wires are just some of the magic ingredients of the Ninja Warrior course.

Another advantage of the Ninja Warrior course is that it can be enjoyed at any time of year ! During the holidays, during the week, at weekends and public holidays, and in the evening. So, it appeals to a wide audience.

Whether your Ninja Warrior course is the only activity in your indoor play area, or whether it complements your trampoline park, don’t forget to include a friendly area where parents and carers of the most daredevil children can cheer them on in peace and quiet!

And speaking of peace of mind, we’re now going to look at the safety aspect of the Ninja Warrior Course. Like this, you can iensure that the experience is as good for the users as it is for you.

Create a Ninja Warrior Course for a safe, fun and sporting experience

Ninja  Warrior course offers a chance to push boundaries, take risks in a dedicated, designed area for pure enjoyment. Offered by Play In Business, this course scrupulously complies with current standards and regulations.

Furthermore, we maintain the installations to ensure total safety. The conditions of use ensure the safety of the ninja course: different equipment for different ages.

To offer a ninja park where everyone can have fun in complete safety, we and you must comply with the safety rules laid down by :

  • Two French decrees on the safety of public play areas and their equipment, which include the obligation to indicate the age group for which the equipment is intended, and to mark certain mandatory information.
  • European standards, NF EN 1177, NF EN 1176, NF S 52-400, which set safety requirements to ensure the fitness for use of materials, products, processes and services offered to the public. 

Play In Business will provide you all the documents you need in case of inspection: installation plan, information on the manufacturer of the playground, instructions for use and maintenance… and a certificate of compliance with the manufacturing standards.

It’s up to you now to keep the equipment in good condition and to draw up a provisional servicing and maintenance plan. You will have to carry out various checks on your Ninja Warrior course:

  • A daily or weekly check to check for wear and tear and any broken or damaged parts
  • A monthly or quarterly check more detailed
  • A six-monthly or annual check with a maintenance professional

To complete your indoor play area with a Ninja Warrior course or create a Ninja Parc, don’t hesitate to contact Play In Business. We design, manufacture, deliver and install your structures for you !

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