Interactive equipment for your indoor play area: discover the best choice!

interactive equipment indoor play area

Interactive equipment for your indoor play area: discover the best choice!

Are you looking for the best interactive equipment for your indoor play area?

Look no further, because here’s the essential choice: the Talking Bag.

In the world of indoor playgrounds, interactivity is more than just a trend – it’s a requirement.

Visitors are looking for captivating experiences, moments that transcend the ordinary, and that’s precisely what the Talking Bag offers! 

It embodies this new “norm”, offering children much more than just a boxing bag. It’s an invitation to interaction, discovery and wonder.

Transform your play area into an interactive paradise with this innovative equipment that will revolutionize the experience of your young visitors.

Why integrate the Talking Bag into your indoor play area?

Talking Bag features:

The Talking Bag is a punching bag designed especially for children.

It offers a choice of 7 distinct sound channels and up to 90 pre-recorded sounds.

From laughter to car horns and dog barks.

Made in the UK, by Play In Business in collaboration with Rugged Interactive, it comes with :

  • A sound bar
  • Wired motion detector
  • A charger-type power cable
  • An optional battery-operated model with its own charger.

Functioning in the indoor play area:

The Talking Bag can be powered either by electricity or by a battery.

The sound bar is placed on top of the boxing bag.

Each time you hit the bag, a sensor placed at the top of the bag detects the movement, triggering an amusing and surprising reaction thanks to an electronically connected speaker.

Interactive equipment = enhanced customer experience:

The Talking Bag not only offers a unique dose of interactivity, it also enhances the overall experience for children in your playground.

The children’s infectious laughter, shouts of joy and mutual encouragement create a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

What’s more, parents will also be delighted to see their children immersed in a physical and entertaining activity. 

By integrating the Talking Bag into your indoor play centre, you create an environment conducive to learning and development.

Children develop their coordination, strength and self-confidence while having fun.

Advantages :

  • Easy to install: Compatible with a wide range of mobile boxing bags for indoor play areas and of all shapes and sizes, the bag simply has to be hung up.
  • Simple to use: Children simply punch the bag and noises start.
  • Unique product: A talking bag is a new experience that stands out from the competition.
  • Enriches children’s experience: the Talking Bag encourages fun and social interaction between children. What’s more, it surprises children because it can be installed on existing bags.
  • Guaranteed safety: this boxing bag has been designed with children’s safety in mind.
  • Return on investment: it boosts business and attracts more customers.
  • Robust and easy to maintain: guaranteed for one year, it requires little maintenance.

The Talking Bag is not just a boxing bag, it’s a gateway to a fun and interactive play experience.

By offering your visitors this opportunity to interact and have fun, you’re bringing your play area into the new era of interactive indoor parks.

Don’t be satisfied with a simple indoor play area, invest in interactive equipment for your indoor play area with the Talking Bag.

To add a new dimension to your indoor play area and offer your visitors a unique experience, contact us today.

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