Play in Business: our success story

play in business

Play in Business: our success story

Dive into our world with an exclusive interview with Bertrand Coulomb, the founder of Play In Business.

Bertrand Coulomb has been working in the leisure industry for over 30 years. From his early days at Big Bang Schtroumpf (now Walygator), he has never left theme parks, until he became a major player in the construction of leisure complexes through his company Play In Business. His guiding principle is the constant pursuit of excellence.

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  • Can you tell us the story of Play In Business?

Bertrand Coulomb: Play In Business was created in 2013 in Luxembourg, a country located at the heart of Western Europe, with excellent links between the capitals. The company is the culmination of many years as a partner to European manufacturers. After working with the biggest manufacturers, installing hundreds of pieces of equipment, talking regularly with operators and helping to draw up safety standards, I wanted to come up with new ideas and provide a more efficient service for our customers.

So we formed partnerships with suppliers selected for the quality of their products and service, and for their innovation and originality. In this way, we have become manufacturers of our own play equipment.

  • What have been the key stages in the growth and success of Play in Business over the years?

Bertrand Coulomb: One of the crucial steps was to stop being a retailer, to become a playground manufacturer and to be able to respond more effectively to our customers. We can now design the play equipment we want, using top-quality materials and with a strong theming.

The move towards multi-activity play has enabled Play In Business to propose another offer than indoor playgrounds, such as trampolines, which we also manufacture.

Aminata Ndao played a crucial role in this development. Having arrived from the French subsidiary Ludo et Cie, she has been a huge boost for Play In Business, thanks to her responsiveness and extraordinary capacity for work. She has become the partner I had been waiting for.

  • What factors have helped to make Play In Business a leader in the construction of indoor play areas and trampoline parks?

Bertrand Coulomb: I think that our customers appreciate first and foremost the relationship we create with them. We share our experiences, listen to their expectations, spend time finding the solution that’s perfectly suited to the project, visit parks that we’ve built together and draw detailed 3D drawings of the project to ensure that it’s perfectly understood.

Then, the value for money of our trampoline parks and indoor play areas convinces our customers.

Of course, having run a park for a number of years and helped to draw up safety standards also reinforces our credibility, and we keep in touch with our customers after they’ve opened.

  • Could you share with us an example of an emblematic project that has marked the history of Play In Business?

Bertrand Coulomb: Cosmic Jump is an outstanding example. It was our first large trampoline park (1200 m2 of play area), installed at the beginning of 2018, with major technical constraints and lots of activities like the dodge ball, half pipe, foam pit and ninja course. The park was a success, and we went on to install one of the largest modular play structures in France for the same customer in the building next door!

  • Can you tell us about the innovations or new trends that Play In Business has introduced this year in its indoor play areas and trampoline parks?

Bertrand Coulomb: The arrival of the ISO EN23659 standard this year has shaken up the world of trampoline parks a little, but it has accelerated the professionalisation of the sector. We attach great importance to compliance with European standards, and we support operators to ensure optimum safety for visiting jumpers and their own peace of mind.

Interactive games have also become more important, to the detriment of the free jump zone. Interactivity has really become a must-have trend in trampoline parks, and Play In Business integrates several games into each project, such as the Cardio Wall, Valo Jump and Freedom Gaming. Modular games are not to be outdone either, with interactive screens and the Talking Bag!

  • What are Play In Business’s upcoming projects for next year?

Bertrand Coulomb: Some operators are taking advantage of the new standard to replace their old trampolines or carry out renovations. Our expertise in this area means that we can provide park managers with the best advice and appropriate solutions.

We are also planning to launch new interactive games in our modular games and new activities for trampolines.

We will also be present at IAAPA in Amsterdam in September 2024, the attractions industry’s biggest trade show, with a few surprises for our customers.

As for the next installations for 2024, stay tuned, we’ll be talking about them soon.

  • To sum up, how would you describe the current year for Play In Business in terms of successes, achievements and future prospects?

Bertrand Coulomb: Despite the challenges associated with customer financing, I think we’ve had an excellent year. Our customers are happy, the image of Play In Business is very good, and our value for money remains excellent. We’d like to thank our customers for their trust and cooperation, and we’ll be keeping an ear open for future projects and developments in our fleets.

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