Why did we change our name ?

Why did we change our name ?

Leisure parks are changing, so are we! Our job is to offer a wide range of leisure products for the whole family, we wanted a brand that reflects better the scope of our activities: Play In Business.

“Play In” like “Indoor Play” because we are above all specialized in indoor leisure activities.

“In” as in the word “Innovation”, we want you to benefit from the latest inventions and trends in all areas: equipment, operation, security, layout … For example, we offer a whole range of interactive games, for children and adults, some of which are brand new, not even on the market yet!

“In” also like in “Information”. Our new website is more complete, and we are committed in updating it regularly. We will also communicate with you through social networks or by e-mailing so that you are on top of the information, as for the VAT for trampoline parks which is evolving in the right direction in France!

Finally, “Business” because the indoor leisure sector requires qualified professionals for your business to succeed. Play In Business does not only offer a concept, we also want to share our experience, explain what works, give you the keys to success. We therefore offer training and support to ensure the success of your project.

We are aiming at giving you the best advice and guiding you to activities which are the best suited to your project.

We are looking forward hearing from you!

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