Which future for indoor playgrounds ?

Aire de jeux intérieure enfants

Which future for indoor playgrounds ?

At the time when these lines are written, we do not know the reopening date of indoor leisure parks, nor the hosting conditions of the public. For children’s play areas, it will be difficult to enforce barrier gestures for toddlers. Does this really mean that kids are in danger?

All studies seems to show that children tend to resist better to Covid 19. Why, we do not yet know, but their immune system seems better suited to face this virus. The few infected children mostly develop asymptomatic or mild forms. This is probably why the French government has decided to reopen schools to this population.

Are children conveyors of Covid 19? It looks like they are not. A study published in April 2020 in the journal of the Society of American Infectious Diseases (Clinical Infectious Diseases), shows that they are not significantly involved in of transmitting this disease. One of the first young English patients who contracted the coronavirus in February 2020 in the ski resort of Contamines Monjoie was then in contact with 172 people, including 112 students and teachers, while he was ill. In the end, it appears that this child did not infect anyone, not even his siblings. For the doctor, Kostas Danis, epidemiologist at Public Health France :”it is possible that children, because they do not have many symptoms and have a low viral load, do not transmit this new coronavirus massively”.

Would it then be possible to have children play together? It is still too early to say it. The evolution of the disease in the coming weeks will be crucial for the government’s decision on whether or not to open indoor parks. But will the playgrounds have to be opened immediately? The return to a normal situation will take several months. The psychological impact of the confinement has been such that the fear of the coronavirus will only decrease very slowly. Some customers won’t be back until next year. However, the reopening of schools is a very positive. Parents mindset could change for the best if children remain the least population affected by Covid 19 and if the pandemic continues to decline.

So let’s remain optimistic and continue to plan an opening before summer.

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