Which activity for a top trampoline park?

Which activity for a top trampoline park?

Jumping on a trampoline is an activity that young children love. Thus, when a park develops a concept around this activity, success is assured ! If you want to open a trampoline park, Play in Business, a specialist in indoor leisure parks, can certainly help you make your project a reality. The proof ? Today we are the designer of more than 30 trampoline parks, which make us one of the leaders in the trampoline park market in France . So which activities to choose for your trampoline park ? Here is the answer…

The trampoline park : a multi-activity playground

The trampoline park is a very profitable investment because it appeals enormously to all age groups. Jumping keeps you in shape and makes you happy, look at the jumpers, they are all smiling ! There are a lot of them opening every year because it is a relatively new activity and in addition to guarantee fun, they are accessible 7 days a week and regardless of the season. With Play in Business, you ensure the quality of service and security.

New generation trampoline parks should no longer be spaces for simple jumps but should offer multiple activities to have even more fun and increase loyalty. This is good because Play In Business offers the best activities of the moment for your trampoline park.

Activities for a top trampoline park

The Air Bag

Jump like an acrobat and land on a huge cushion filled with air, that’s the concept of the Air Bag. Made up of a multitude of tubes filled with air, the Air Bag gently cushions the fall of the jumper. If you opt for a large dimension, several players can jump at the same time without fear of being ejected. A little extra: the fabric of the Air Bag is virucidal and bactericidal.

The Battle Beam

The Battle Beam is a game with great competitive potential. It consists of a beam and foam logs, one for each of the two players who compete until one of them falls into a foam pit or on an Air Bag, located under the beam.

The Cage Ball

A ball cage is made up of 2 trampoline mats of 2.44 x 2.44 m, a net holding the balls, two suspended rings and a ball. Players facing each other in the cage compete trying to get the ball into the opponent’s hanging ring. Jumpers compete in jump height to score and counter enemy bullets.

The Cardio Wall

The cardio wall is an interactive and very sporty game since the jumper can work on his cardio at the same time as he jumps on the trampolines. He has the choice between two games and a counter adds up the scores. This activity is produced by the company Rugged Interactive, one of the partners of Play In business. It has developed other products such as the Dodge Attack for example.

The Dodge Ball

Dodge Ball is similar to dodgeball, a popular activity in schoolyards! The rules are identical with DodgeBalls, however with the trampoline effect, the difficulty but also the fun are increased tenfold. The Dodge Attack mentioned above is a variant of this, but the targets to be hit are electronic this time.

The Dunk Zone

The dunk zone is basketball revisited! It consists of one or more trampoline mats facing a wall with a basketball hoop. Choose the height of the basket at the design depending on how difficult you want it to be.


The mower, also known as the Wipe Out, is made up of a central axis where the electric motor is located, rotating arms made of inflatable vinyl and 8 triangular webs in a circle. The goal: to avoid getting mowed down while jumping! You can choose the rotation speed according to your audience. Our advice: install this game wisely because it is as fun to use as it is to watch and requires special attention from you.

The Foampit

The Foam pit is an alternative to the Air Bag. It’s a tray full of foam cubes that receives the most dizzying acrobatics.

The Halfpipe

The Half Pipe, made up of 3 trampoline fabrics in a tunnel, promises new sensations and tricks for jumpers. Tailor-made, this activity adapts to all surfaces.

The Main Court

The main court is THE great classic of the trampoline park. Several canvases, as many as you want, embellished with obstacles allow all kinds of jumps on a large surface.

Tumbling lane

The Tumbling lane is a magical canvas corridor, 2.44 meters wide by infinite length. It allows jumpers to chain jumps in a frantic race.

The Valo Jump

The valo Jump created by the company Valomotion, with which we are partners, is an interactive video game, in which the jumper becomes the hero of the game. It requires a rectangular trampoline and a little space for the video screen.

Walk the Wall

Walking on walls becomes possible with Walk the Wall. Indeed, high performance trampolines allow jumpers to bounce on their backs and walk vertically on walls. This activity is reserved for seasoned jumpers, and requires a dedicated, separate and supervised area.

The Ninja course

The Ninja course is a complementary activity to the trampoline parks. Very rich, it is a stimulating, fun and secure obstacle course.


Do not hesitate any longer and contact Play In Business, you will not regret our advice or our equipment for your trampoline park project, from design to completion.

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