Replacing foam cubes with an Airbag

Replacing foam cubes with an Airbag

Replacing the foam cubes of the Cosmic Parc 54 : the advantages of the Airbag for trampolines 

Are you the proud owner of a trampoline park or will you soon be ? This article will interest you ! You go through the example of Cosmic Park 54 in Nancy to understand that it is advantageous or even necessary to choose an airbag for the reception of jumpers keen on trampolines rather than foam cubes. 

Play In Business, a specialist in indoor playgrounds, with 25 years of experience in the manufacture of leisure equipment, has equipped Cosmic Park 54, one of the largest indoor leisure complexes in France. The adventure began in 2017 with the installation of a 1,500 m2 trampoline park and continued with the construction of a gigantic 400 m2 modular game. A few weeks ago, Cosmic Park 54 decided to replace the foam cube tray where the park’s many jumpers were received by an Airbag. Once again, Play In Business has responded! Replacing foam cubes, genuinely fun elements for jumpers of all ages, with a giant Airbag has many benefits for your trampoline park. Explanations. 

Foam cubes vs Airbag : what will you gain? 

Foam cubes : more tedious maintenance and management than an Airbag 

20×20 foam cubes placed in a receiving bin are great fun. However, they require from the operator of the trampoline park a constant management and maintenance which is relatively tedious but necessary for the safety of the jumpers : 

  • The foam cubes disintegrate over time and impact, so they must be replaced regularly. In addition, they get dirty and can be contaminated by viruses ; 
  • The tray should be emptied of its foam cubes every month to be cleaned by vacuuming dust and removing pieces of foam. This task represents 8 hours of work for 2 people ; 
  • The foam blocks have an optimal lifespan of 2 to 3 years, then they must be completely changed ; 
  • Every 8 to 10 jumps, the foam cubes need to be evenly distributed in the tray because holes form in the landing area ; 
  • Jumpers can lose glasses, smartphones, a bunch of keys and other accessories in the bin, having to empty it of its foam cubes to find the lost object. 


This management and maintenance is minimized with an Airbag. In fact, to keep it clean, you just need to regularly vacuum the dust that accumulates on the sides of the airbag. The canvas, anti-virus treated, can be cleaned in 30 minutes and requires the intervention of only one person. The Airbag has no holes, which prevents the loss of objects during jumpers’ jumps. On the other hand, it should be noted that the Airbag cannot operate without a blower and therefore without electricity, unlike the foam pit. 

The cost : the Airbag more profitable than foam cubes for trampolines 

As with Cosmic Park 54, many operators decide to replace their foam cube tray with an Airbag. However, the latter represents a higher purchase cost. So why are they choosing to make this investment ? As we have seen before, the management and maintenance of foam cubes is tedious. Financially, it is necessary to add to the costs of operation, supervision and maintenance, the cost of complete replacement of the foam blocks every 2 or 3 years. This operation requires, in addition to the purchase of foam cubes, the price of which has risen sharply in recent years, their disposal in a waste collection center. The profitability of the Airbag is therefore profitable from the first year of its purchase and a fortiori after 2 years, the estimate of the lifespan of an Airbag being around 7 years. 

The announced end of foam cubes for trampolines : the choice of the Airbag as an alternative 

Currently, French firefighters no longer issue permits to open trampoline parks with foam pits. The reason : several rather serious incidents associated with the fact that the degree of fire resistance of the foam of the cubes does not meet the standards of fire safety. 

Under these conditions, if you are a future operator of a trampoline park, your choice between foam cubes and airbags will be natural. And if you already have a foam cube tray, replacing it with an Airbag is quick and easy. Made to measure, the Airbag adapts to all bins. Simply completely remove the foam cubes from the tray and install the Airbag instead. This operation takes, under normal conditions, only one day. 

If you are interested in an Airbag to replace your foam cube tray, do like Cosmic Park 54 and do not hesitate to contact Play In Business ! 

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