Jump Park – Grenoble

This trampoline park brings together many activities to appeal to all age groups, from 2 years old.

Happy Park

This park was commissioned from us in blue tones to give a marine spirit over more than 1000m2 !

The Jump – Limoges

This trampoline park welcomes children from 7 years old for endless fun time !

PIZZA Hut – Beggen

This series of manipulative train shaped panels takes up very little space and allows children to have fun after their meal.

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    Beggen - Luxembourg

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Magic City

The customizations of the play areas are endless ! Play in Business offers the integration of role play with different themed modules : Car garage, Fire station, Police, Grocery store…


Jungala is a jungle themed play park designed for children under 12 in Epernay. Play In Business also supplied the bithday rooms, the themed bar as well as the plant decoration.


Installed in the Communal Center for Social Action, this small play park delights children from 1 to 12 years old.

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  • Location :

    Metz - France

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