Playground manufacturer : Play In Business celebrates its 25th anniversary !

Playground manufacturer : Play In Business celebrates its 25th anniversary !

Play In Business anniversary : ​​25 years of an indoor playground professional

It’s been a quarter of a century since the Play In Business adventure began. Bertrand Coulomb, the CEO of Play In Business was at the time a true visionary who believed in the future market of leisure parks. Having seized this opportunity, he has thus become a pioneer in this emerging but promising field. Both designer and operator of a park, his dual expertise has enabled him to evolve in order to offer entrepreneurs who wanted to create indoor playgrounds modern quality equipment, ever more fun activities and advice on expert.

You will understand through the 25-year history of Play In Business, how this designer and manufacturer of indoor playgrounds has managed to survive in an increasingly tight market. Responding to the ever-changing needs of a demanding clientele is an issue that Bertrand Coulomb has clearly identified.

Happy Birthday Play In Business !

Play In Business : the story of a pioneer in the field of indoor playgrounds

It was in 1990 that Bertrand Coulomb embarked on this formidable adventure which took shape in 1997 with the development of the outdoor playground of the McDonald’s restaurant in Moulins-lès-Metz. Two years later, he will install his first indoor playground : a modular game in Montbéliard. It thus becomes the oldest manufacturer of indoor playgrounds in France, where this field is still in its infancy.

A pioneer in this leisure sector, Bertrand Coulomb gradually specialized in indoor theme playgrounds, thus actively participating in its growth from the 2000s. This new generation of playgrounds makes it possible to offer the customers a friendly thematic atmosphere guaranteeing better profitability for operators. Play In Business will then equip many playgrounds. Some still show excellent results today, such as the Woupi parks in Rennes and Sainte Geneviève des Bois, now called Gulli Parc.


In 2003, Bertrand Coulomb decided to become an operator and managed his own themed indoor play area : the Doupi Jungle. This new hat suits him perfectly because he turns his indoor playground into an innovative park by skilfully playing on a highly thematic decoration. He has the brilliant idea of ​​using a mascot, Doupi, a central element of his communication and means of identification for his park, to the delight of the children. He also knows how to please parents by initiating events such as high-end birthdays. A pioneer in the field of animation, Bertrand Coulomb has been able to meet a growing but strong demand.

In 2013, Kids Play In Business was born. Aminata Ndao, who worked for the French subsidiary Ludo et Cie, joined Bertrand in 2014 as a partner. A shareholder in 2015, she will participate in the development of the company. In 2020, Kids Play In Business takes the name of Play In Business : indoor play intended for all ages and no longer just for children. Thanks to Bertrand Coulomb’s dual experience, Play In Business has become an innovative company in the broad field of indoor leisure parks. An essential expertise that has enabled the company to evolve in a currently highly competitive market.

Play In Business : a manufacturer of indoor playgrounds that has evolved to adapt to the market

Bertrand Coulomb, with his double role of operator and seller, has, over the past twenty years, not only witnessed the birth of the indoor playground market, but also its rapid evolution. Imagination, interactivity and digital are the new essential data of the current market.

Faced with the challenges of operation, he was able to measure all the responsiveness that this required. Its 25 years of expertise have given Play In Business a leading position, particularly in the trampoline market. The Luxembourg-based company operates in France and Europe. Its activity includes facilities for children but also for adults : playgrounds, trampoline parks, ninja courses, climbing walls, Freedom Gaming, interactive games, etc.

Ideally located in the heart of the leisure market, Play In Business, through its experience, knows how to analyze new practices and customer expectations. These challenges lie in a strong thematization with an adapted decoration as well as in the diversification of the activities proposed. In a French market with exponential growth, Play In Business is the specialist capable of offering solutions to operators who wish to provide the best possible experience to their customers. Thanks to an expanded offer, from trampolines to ninja courses, including interactive games and more, Play In Business is the perfect response to a constantly changing market.

If you want to embark on the adventure of a multi-activity indoor leisure park, here are the major assets of Play In Business that will allow you to face ever tougher competition :

  • The wide coverage of the area in terms of equipment and modernity of the facilities ;
  • Bespoke designs ;
  • Adaptability to each project and each budget ;
  • Shared experience and expertise, in particular through training and various support.


So, do not hesitate any longer and contact Play In Business !

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