Thinking of opening an indoor playground with a ninja course ? What a great idea ! The obstacles of the ninja course has everything to please, fun and stimulating, young and old alike can experience the sensations that sportsmen on famous television feel. Of course, who says fun and stimulating equipment for children, says safety. The Ninja Course, like any equipment in an indoor playground, must meet certain standards and conditions of use in order for your Ninja Course to be a great experience for you and the users. It is on the strength of its 25 years of experience in the manufacture of leisure equipment that Play In Business gives you here the keys to a Ninja course organized into a fun and safe circuit.

The Ninja course : a fun indoor playground

One of the advantages of the Play In Business Ninja course is its evolutionary aspect. Modular equipment allows you to arrange the Ninja course to suit the age of the audience you wish to accommodate. You can also create levels of difficulty, competitions, change it over time to create surprises … You will provide an experience, constantly renewed and adapted, to the users of your Ninja course that they will certainly like. Another asset guaranteed by the large choice of equipment that Play In Business has at your disposal to create your Ninja journey is diversity. Enemy of boredom, the plurality of playing elements with various obstacles that call for different reactions such as dexterity, balance, strength, flexibility ensure the pleasure of the fun. It’s up to you to mix up the leisure equipment to offer participants the most fun release in all seasons. Do not forget the parent space, an important element guaranteeing the pleasure that their child (ren) can have !

The Ninja course : have fun in complete safety

Two French decrees set the safety requirements for collective play areas and their equipment: decree 96-1136 of 18 December 1996 which, among other things, mentions the obligation to indicate the age group for which the equipment is intended, and decree 94-699 of August 10, 1994 which stipulates the obligation to mark mandatory information. In addition to these decrees, European standards set out the safety requirements to ensure the suitability for use of materials, products, processes and services :

  • The NF EN 1177 standard for playground floors absorbing the impact and determining the critical height of fall ;
  • Standard NF EN 1176 which concerns playground equipment and floors ;
  • The NF S 52-400 standard mentioning the functional and safety requirements of the fixing points.

These regulations apply to both Play In business as a manufacturer and designer, and you as the operator. The Play In business equipment meets current standards, so you do not need to check this. We provide all the necessary documents that you will be able to present in the event of an inspection, in particular the installation plan, the document providing information on the manufacturer of the playground, the instructions for use and maintenance, a certificate of compliance with manufacturing standards. The equipment must be maintained in good condition and it is up to you to write up a provisional maintenance and upkeep plan. Controls are    necessary :

  • A simple check : daily or weekly to ensure the state of wear, any broken or damaged elements…
  • An intermediate check : monthly or quarterly which must be a little more extensive than the simple check ;
  • In-depth control : semi-annual or annual, which must be carried out by a professional.

To avoid an incident or work leading to a decrease in your turnover, Play In Business offers a maintenance service to be assured by a professional of the good condition of your equipment.

To design your indoor play area with a fun and safe Ninja course, don’t hesitate to call on Play In Business. To ensure you have perfect control over your project, we organize training courses, particularly in the field of security.

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