Market Research : How to open an indoor playground

Market Research : How to open an indoor playground

Market research to open an indoor amusement park : Seven Squares in Saint-Etienne, the example of a great success 

Seven squares in Saint-Etienne offers 7 activities over 5780 m2, events and several catering services, which contributes to making it the largest leisure park in Rhône-Alpes. Play In Business, a manufacturer of indoor leisure equipment, designed the trampoline park.  Opening an indoor leisure park is an investment that requires asking the right questions so that your park sees the light of day and endures like Seven Squares. This questioning will lead you to carry out a market study to be sure that your project is adapted to the demand. With its experience of more than 25 years in leisure equipment, Play In Business explains, in this article, what is the point of carrying out a market study before opening your indoor playground. You will also see the prerequisites for the market study and its content. 

The interest of carrying out a market study for your future indoor playground

If you are wondering about the importance or even the need to carry out a market study to open your indoor leisure park, Play In Business will answer you. Admittedly, there is a real demand for indoor leisure parks because there are still few indoor leisure facilities in France. However, you have to make sure that the park you want to open will work and last. Carrying out a market study gives you a perfect knowledge of the commercial environment of your market. You will thus be able to quantify your potential turnover and the profitability of your indoor playground. 

The prerequisites for carrying out a market study in order to open an indoor playground 

Before frankly entering the market study itself, you must have a fairly precise idea of the location of your future indoor car park. Then, as market research is very time-consuming, you will have to free up time for your research. Depending on your current situation, you have several options. If you are an employee, there are formulas for sabbatical leave or leave for business creation. You can also consider working part-time. In addition, you have a professional transition personal training account (CPF). So, do not hesitate to find out about the conditions of access to training and the possibility of obtaining specific leave if the training is carried out in all or part during working time. Play In Business offers training in particular on market research and the management of an indoor leisure park. 

The content of the market study to open your indoor playground. 

You will carry out a market study in order to gather as much relevant information as possible to measure the viability of your project. Be as complete as possible because after having synthesized this information so that it serves an analysis that will target the real demand, you will be able to refine your project. One of the best ways to do your market research is to visit other indoor playground. Don’t stop at the direct competition, or the parks that work. All flourishing ideas are good to take but knowing those that do not work will also contribute to a good analysis.  The conclusion of your market study should establish: 

  • Your marketing positioning: area, capacity, range of services offered, level of quality, pricing; 
  • Your commercial strategy: number of employees, sales force, communication; 
  • Your potential turnover and profitability. 

Do not hesitate to observe with the eyes of a child and to question yourself like a business manager about safety, cleanliness, reception, comfort, the activities present and the surface available, the reception capacity, the age of access to the equipment, the staff, the possible theme, the services and events offered, the prices, the advantages, the disadvantages, the accessibility, the parking, the noise level… Also study the activities offered around your future park such as zoos, swimming pools, as well as other structures with leisure facilities, whether outdoors and/or free.  Questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us ! 

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