How to optimize your professional indoor playground ?

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How to optimize your professional indoor playground ?

How to optimize your professional indoor playground ? Response from your manufacturer 

To optimize your professional indoor playground, you must listen to the desires of today’s children. 

Like the indoor playground « L’île de Tortuga » near Lille, your park must include all the key elements appreciated by children and their parents. 

A theme park : the first key to success Children today are visually very demanding 

Between video games, films, television programs, videos, the images and sounds of the various connected media at their disposal are an integral part of their environment and their youth. This is why they appreciate so much being totally immersed in a space dedicated to them, as in Tortuga Island with its pirate theme. When the slightest decorative detail is thought out in a theme that appeals to them, the indoor play area becomes an inexhaustible source of imagination… It is an important element, at a time of zapping and constant attention. Taking yourself for a pirate like Jack Sparrow, identifying with Thomas Pesquet, taking yourself for a modern-day Indiana Jones or for one of the Avengers, this is what our dear darlings are looking for. Also think about the mascot, children love it and it is an excellent marketing tool just like your playground. 

Indoor games offering new experiences : second key to success 

As we know, children love novelty, new experiences and competition. We must therefore offer them ever more attractive attractions ! 

On the island of Tortuga, the option taken, on the 500 m2 of space dedicated to children, combines a tubular playground, trampolines, interactive video games, climbing wall, monorail… And it’s a success ! Indeed, a tubular playground with a multitude of different modules guarantees fun all year round. Combined with complementary games, the park then offers a variety of new but also complementary experiences that can appeal to different age groups. 

Many complementary activities, free or paid, can complete the entertainment offered to children : 

  • Inflatables ; 
  • A trampoline area ; 
  • A ninja course ;
  • A mini sports field ; 
  • football or basketball ; 
  • An artificial climbing structure (SAE) ; 
  • Pedal or electric karts ; 
  • Interactive games ; 
  • Laser games for children ; 
  • An acrobatic course at height (PAH) ; 
  • An escape game ; 
  • Arcade games ; 
  • A reading space ; 
  • A video room ; 
  • Animation workshops ; 
  • An artistic performance ; 
  • Fairground rides ; 
  • Etc. 

Services for companions in the indoor play area : the third key to success 

When welcoming children in a professional setting, we must not forget the companions. We must also think of siblings with places specially designed for toddlers, such as the Baby Park area on the island of Tortuga, made up of flexible modular facilities for 0/2 year olds or arcade games for teenagers… or dads! 

Of course, a fast food service is essential. It must offer a variety of snacks to appeal to as many people as possible: sandwiches, burgers, poke bowls, pancakes and waffles are the inevitable current products to be offered. 

A space dedicated to birthdays or any other event is also essential. Being able to celebrate a birthday outside the family space is a service appreciated by parents and toddlers for its originality, its practicality, especially in bad weather ! 

It is also not negligible to offer activities for parents. They may be allowed to play with their children. Some like to be able to enjoy a moment of complicity with their little darlings. In addition, it will give credit to your park. The dimensions required by European standards for tube games facilitate access for adults and moreover, many parks allow parents to enter with their child. 

Another essential service : free internet access and a charging station for smartphones and laptops. Also remember to place a display provided with magazines, newspapers and other up-to-date journals and why not with board games ! 

For your professional indoor playground, do not hesitate to call on Play In Business, designer of playgrounds and trampoline parks for 25 years. From the design to the realization of your park, we take care of everything and we also give you good advice based on our great experience, to make your project a success. 

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