How to open a trampoline park?

How to open a trampoline park?

Trampoline parks are a trend, and there are hundreds of them opening each year in Europe. Profitability seems to be there since many operators are looking to open new parks.

In just a few years, trampoline parks have become multi-activity places. There are free jump areas, trampolines for acrobatics figures (tumbling lanes), basketball hoops (dunk zone), foam pits, battle beams, slack lines, airbags, courses ninja, reaper games (wipe out), ball games (dodge ball, volleyball, face to face), interactive games (cardio wall, power play, dodge ttack, Valo jump) and even trampolines to walk on walls (walk the wall)! There are activities for everyone, from the beginner to the expert acrobat.

It is a leisure activity, accessible to the whole family, that requires no special skills, allowing you to be active while having fun. Perfectly aligned with the decades we are living in!

Want to get it started? Even though it seems simple, there are several requirements that must be met.

First of all, you must find the right site. All real estate agents will tell you that there are 3 reasons for a successful business: location, location and location.

This does not mean to favor the more expensive areas. There are several essential points to study:

– The accessibility 365 days a year. It will be necessary to open on Sundays and on public holidays, which is not the case with a traditional business.

– A car park for at least 50 cars, in front of or very close to the building to host the activity,

– The available indoor height of the building. The few existing standards in the world require 4 m of free height above trampoline beds, so you need a room with at least 5.5 m of available height, or even 7.5 m for performance (or Olympic) trampolines.

– The usable area. The capacity of trampolines is calculated with specific formulas in some countries, but you can estimate an average of 1 jumper for 10 m². For a 1,000 m² building, removing reception, bar, offices, toilets and other services, there is usually 700 m² left for games. Ie 70 jumpers on average. It is a simple calculation basis for establishing the business plan.

This business plan is the second step in creating a trampoline park. Whether you need a loan from your bank or not, you need to study the profitability of your business. Many factors must be taken into account: the site area, the presence of universities (students are big fans), the presence of competitors, the rent, the charges, the taxes, the amount of the development work and equipment. There are many quotes to be established. Play In Business can help you in writing the business plan, and provide equipment quotes with 3D blueprints.

The next step is funding. If you need to apply for bank financing, your business plan should not just list numbers, but explain why you want to open a trampoline park, your motivations, your background. A banker first needs to be convinced that you will be a good business owner. And if you are a good manager, the business plan figures will convince your them.

After obtaining the funds from the bank, “all you have to do is” create your company and start the work. It usually takes 3 months between the start of the work and the opening of the park. At the same time, staff must be selected and trained, contacting suppliers (food, bracelets, non-slip socks, etc.), starting communication on social networks, organizing its inauguration, preparing its calendar of events (Halloween, Christmas trees, theme evenings, student parties, offering birthday parties…) It’s a lot of work, but it’s not complicated. You just have… not to forget anything !

Plan a pre-opening, inviting your family, your employees, your friends, to check that everything is working normally. And if you don’t, your friends won’t blame you.

But above all, make sure to secure your park (read the blog on safety): choose an European supplier, write clear and precise rules for games, have ALL the jumpers read and understand them BEFORE jumping, set up well trained supervision team, with motivated employees and do not hesitate to bring out jumpers that do not respect the rules. A secured park is a guarantee of success.

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