How to create an indoor playground?

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How to create an indoor playground?

Have you decided to create an indoor playground? You are right to do so because this growing market is very profitable. Indoor playgrounds have many advantages that you will inevitably be aware of if you want to embark on this adventure.

To be sustainable, they must appeal to both children and their parents.

Entering the indoor playground business requires some thought. That’s why Play In Business, a designer of indoor playgrounds with 25 years of experience, explains in a few selected words how to create a profitable, safe and of course fun indoor playground!

The prerequisites for creating your indoor playground

Ask other entrepreneurs in the same industry, attend events, join professional networks via the internet. The more information you gather, the more experienced you will be and the more ideas you will have. Here are the essential steps to creating your project:

Identify your target clientele, find the location

Market research is essential to study your target clientele and measure the expenses and revenues inherent in the activity.

Of course, the choice of location is essential. The strategic location must be easily accessible, the potential customers must be nearby, and parking spaces must be available. You should also consider whether it is better to create the space entirely, i.e. to build the playground from scratch, or whether an existing space is preferable. The cost of building will be higher, but on the other hand, you have to plan for the beautification of a space of the type found on business parks.

Knowing the competition

To get started, don’t hesitate to visit indoor playgrounds. Observe, ask questions… This immersion will give you the opportunity to find the “little extra” that will make the difference. Also appreciate the prices charged to get an idea of what you can charge according to what is on offer. Of course, try to choose a catchment area without indoor playgrounds. Otherwise, your park will need to stand out from the competition.

Drawing up the business plan

Do not skip the business plan stage to measure the profitability of your business and to be able to obtain financing. If you find this stage tricky, particularly with regard to accounting documents, do not hesitate to call in a professional. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Promote your indoor playground

Some time before your indoor playground is ready, implement the commercial promotion you have planned in your business plan: teasing, creating a professional website, advertising, preparing the opening event, etc.

Customer service: a must for building loyalty

The little extra

As indoor playgrounds have become very popular in recent years, it is essential to find the little extra that will set you apart from your competitors, whom you have normally studied carefully. This can be in the services you offer, such as careful decoration, entertainment with qualified and motivated staff, very regular events or the organisation of competitions… The originality can also come from the design of your indoor playground.

The design of your indoor playground

The design is one of the cornerstones of your project. There are several elements to creating an innovative playground. The internal organisation should allow you to run the park with as few staff as possible. Linking the entrance and the bar, for example, is essential. Access control is also essential to ensure the safety of your customers: children must not be allowed to go out alone, the number of adults must be checked.

Call on a professional with a proven track record, such as Play In Business, to draw up the plans. We will be able to advise you in the best possible way, because designing indoor playgrounds is our business. Thanks to our experience, we can offer you the best play equipment on the market.

Combine games to fill their imagination :

  • slides,
  • trampolines,
  • tunnels,
  • ball pool,
  • monkey bridges
  • rope courses
  • zip lines
  • buoy track
  • climbing walls,
  • boxing bags,
  • wall panels with dexterity and awareness games,
  • interactive games,
  • go-kart tracks, bumpers,
  • valo jump,
  • valo climb,

Services for all customers

If the children are won over, the parents will be too. And the opposite is true! When creating an indoor playground you have to keep everyone happy. So your well-designed space must also be user-friendly. You must offer services to both parents and children: the organisation of private events such as birthdays with, if possible, dedicated boxes, a warm space to wait for the children with free access to wifi, books, magazines or board games available… A catering area seems essential for all customers and guarantees you an additional financial contribution. Hygiene and the state of the structures are also essential. Make sure that your equipment is properly maintained so that your playground looks like new over time.

If children and parents have a good time in a clean, safe and easily accessible playground, they will definitely come back.

A professional for your success

By choosing Play In Business, which offers modular equipment that meets safety standards, you are guaranteed a quality service from design to installation, including the construction and delivery of your indoor playground structures. We are at your disposal to carry out your project to measure. You will be delivered on time with a certificate of conformity proving that we comply with the European and French standards in force. The budget you have allocated to your indoor playground will be respected.

We offer a wide range of complementary games and activities for children from 2 to 12 years of age, which can be adapted to any type of building, regardless of the available surface area.

If you are convinced or almost convinced by our expertise, do not hesitate to contact us because we are here to help you make your indoor playground project a success.


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