All you need to know about designing your indoor soft play equipment for kids

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All you need to know about designing your indoor soft play equipment for kids

The K2 Group has recently chosen Play In Business to provide themed play areas for its leisure centres. There are already eight indoor playgrounds planned in Rouen, Barentin, Fécamp, Dreux, Le Havre, Elbeuf, Louviers, and Vernon. The first is scheduled to open in May 2023 and, like the others, will include a variety of activities such as bowling, trampolines, climbing walls, virtual reality games, sports areas, and so on. 

Creating a commercial indoor playground can be an exciting and rewarding venture. With the growing need to get kids active and away from screens, as well as the urgent concern around children obesity, parents are keen to give their kids a chance to burn off excess energy, no matter what the weather conditions are. At Play in Business, we have years of experience (25, to be precise), and as leaders in the field, we can help you start your own venue too. Here are a few important basics and insights to keep in mind for the creation and design of your soft play indoor playground project. 

The basics in indoor soft play equipment set ups 

The design and layout of the playground are crucial to its success. The playground should be visually appealing and engaging for children, intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear pathways and areas for children to play and explore. It should also be designed with different zones for different age ranges, with age-appropriate indoor soft play equipment and activities. The equipment and materials used should be of high quality and durable, and most of all designed to encourage physical activity and exploration, with a variety of climbing structures, slides, tunnels, and other features that promote active play. Remember to plan your space effectively, according to the goals you have set for your business. 

What indoor soft play equipment should I choose? 

There are no precise answers to that question. Choosing your commercial soft play equipment can depend on many factors and it is for you to decide which activities you want to provide to your customers. Play in Business offers many different bespoke designs of all sizes and we are sure that you will discover something that will suit your vision. 

Nevertheless, there are a few important points to consider: 

  • The design of the soft play indoor playground should be creative and fun, with bright colours and engaging themes. Bold primary colours are always a hit. Keep a consistency with your company’s colour scheme for example. A thematic playground captures the child’s imagination and makes playing time even more memorable.  
  • In that respect, the most common main feature of an indoor playground is often the modular play structure. It can accommodate a large number of children on a small surface, its operation requires almost no personnel, its upkeep is minimal and there is no risk that it will suddenly stop working. Its safety is ensured by safety nets, foam, and easy parental supervision. It has a variety of activities, depending on the age of the children and the competition, such as ball pools, slides, punching bags and more. 
  • To that, you can add a lot of free additional activities. Provide impressive but not too expensive inflatables outfitted with climbing and sliding elements. Also to be considered are the favourite trampolines or miniature bouncy football fields. All these will easily fit any children play centre but will require additional supervision. 

What else should I think of concerning my commercial soft play equipment? 

Always remember that it is not just the kids soft play equipment that is important. The parent’s zone is also a must. Because a child never comes alone, an area for adults is essential to accommodate accompanying family members. This area should be designed to match the capacity of the children play centre, generally representing 25% of the indoor playground. The snack bar is another crucial element. Children and accompanying adults must both be able to eat and drink on the premises. This is important not only for the comfort of the reception area, but also because consumption typically accounts for 25% of total revenue before taxes. As a result, a sales area for fast food and hot and cold drinks is required. Competition is also fierce in another area of activity: birthday celebrations. An indoor playground is the ideal location for this type of service, which contributes significantly to turnover and allows you to attract new customers. 

An indoor playground that brings children happiness and a healthy play environment is the most rewarding business venture. Play in Business is your go-to soft play area equipment supplier, do not hesitate to contact us with your project. You can be confident that we will be with you all the way on this exceptional adventure.

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