5 tips for maintaining your indoor playground equipment.

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5 tips for maintaining your indoor playground equipment.

With Play In Business, your indoor playground equipment supplier, discover some useful tips to maintain your indoor playground: Learn about organisation, verification, and all the other things you have to look after to always keep your equipment up to standards and your customers satisfied. 

At Play In Business, manufacturers of commercial indoor playground equipment, we can help you maintain your indoor playground. Just follow our simple suggestions. 

Whether you have already invested in a play area, or are planning to invest in one soon, these are all the important things you should know for your business to flourish. 

At Play In Business, we have a long experience in manufacturing and operating indoor playgrounds of many different kinds. We know a thing or two about what keeps a playground equipment in top condition. Most of all, we take safety seriously. It is our number one priority. In this article, we share with you 5 important tips to maintain your indoor playground equipment correctly. 

Whether it is a tubular game or a trampoline park or any other commercial indoor playground equipment, maintenance is vital. You want the image of your brand to shine in order to build customer loyalty and make your play facility a must-see leisure spot in your area. You want to put in place important safety measures for your visitors. And, of course, you also want to make your equipment last a long time and give your customers the joy of many returns to a favourite entertainment destination. So here is our list of what you should look into. 

First of all, get organised: 

If you want to have a successful maintenance schedule of your commercial indoor playground equipment, plan all your tasks. It might sound fastidious, but it is the best way to ensure efficiency. Here is how to proceed: 

  • Make a list of all the facilities in your park: slides, trampolines, climbing walls, ninja apparatus, interactive games, everything.
  • Indicate for each facility the maintenance work to be performed daily, monthly or annually.
  • Always keep a record of who will perform each maintenance activities: you, a collaborator, or an external worker.

You want to achieve a systematic and informed inspection routine followed by a prompt reaction on repairs or replacements. The written records you keep can then be easily made available to any interested relevant authority. As a general rule, plan for an annual visit by an expert who will thoroughly check the condition of your equipment. 

A detailed log should contain the complete list of equipment, the tasks performed for each one of them and their dates of completion. This mandatory document protects you in case of litigation. As an operator, you need to show you have taken all reasonable actions to avoid accidents. 

If Play In Business installed your indoor playground equipment, your job will be much easier because each piece of equipment comes with a maintenance manual. 

Perform the necessary and essential safety checks of the indoor playground often: 

By identifying any onset of deterioration on your indoor playground equipment, you will save yourself a lot of heavy and expensive maintenance work which could easily mean a loss of income in the long run. 

Check the equipment of your indoor playground every day, and make a check-up of the good functioning of your installations by testing them.  

Check all the joining parts of your equipment monthly, even the hard-to-reach ones. Look out for loose or broken springs. Check the floors, nets and lashing of suspended games for holes or cracks. Check areas with foam elements to see how they are holding up. If you have air cushions or other inflatables, keep in mind it is better to store them clean and dry after use.  

Get some training on your indoor playground security, it is never too late to learn: 

At Play In Business we know how some maintenance activities can be challenging for a newbie or a non-professional. This is why we offer training with our teams. You will learn how to make your commercial indoor playground equipment safe and up to date with strict European regulation standards. We know this because these regulations are developed in consultation with our technicians. We can help you draw up a maintenance plan, and we will show you how to manage those activities effectively. Don’t hesitate to contact us on this. 

Cleaning your indoor playground is also a part of the maintenance process: 

Now more than ever it is important to keep your play areas and your indoor playground equipment clean. Your customer satisfaction rates will be stellar, especially with mothers who wish for their children to play in a healthy environment. 

If any parts become dirty, clean with a simple damp cloth using soap water or any non-abrasive cleaning product. Remember to lubricate tunnels that have become rough with use over time. Never store a product in wet conditions to avoid mould or stains. You can also use protective covers if needed. 

Be responsive and vigilant: 

Again, safety should be a top priority. Commercial Indoor playground equipment that do not meet the required safety standards can be a hazard to the children or adults playing on them. Our final maintenance tip is to react immediately upon noticing any damages or malfunctions in your equipment. The risk to users should also be regularly assessed. If necessary, shut down the affected facility temporarily or have it repaired immediately if possible. You should do this even when it appears there is no imminent risk to the customers. 

This will prevent further damage to your equipment and reduce the loss of business 

Play In Business, and its partner specialising in the maintenance of amusement parks and indoor playgrounds, Indoor Play Services, provides maintenance for your indoor playground. 

Have any questions? Looking for an expert team to help you with maintenance, upkeep, or any other service and general information related to commercial indoor playgrounds? Let’s talk about your projects. Get in touch with Play In Business, your indoor playground equipment supplier and specialist in the field! We will be happy to provide you with assistance or a quotation. 

Remember: fun and safety first 

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